This site is dedicated to current and graduated students of the Social Justice program at Hamline University.  As many of us have realized, going for a degree in social justice isn't exactly like going for a degree in business management.  Though the social justice job market is admittedly smaller than that of a nursing or business program, we make up for it in how niche our market is.  This site is not designed to help you with general job seeking advice, the Career Development Center is set up to do just that.  What we strive to do here is connect students with programs and organizations that have a heavy emphasis in social justice, making your job search easier.

In "Starting Your Employment Process" you will find preliminary tips to aide you in preparation of your job search. 
In "Job Search Sites" you will find a collection of organizations ranging from useful classifieds to the largest international social justice organizations.
In "Community Partners/Local Organizations" you will find a large listing of organizations.  The department strives to foster as many relationships as possible with local organizations to make finding a place for our graduates easier.  The orgs listed here may or may not be hiring, for placements such as full/part-time work, internships, volunteer positions and study abroad opportunities.
Finally, the Forum is a place where current social justice students, graduated students and organizations can come together to assist one another in job advice, questions, and available positions.

We welcome any comments/suggestions because it is our goal to make this site as useful as possible.  Feel free to contact the administrator.