Club Rules


As members will know, unlike some tennis clubs, we do not have many rules or fussy requirements about what players wear. There are, however, a few simple guidelines which members are expected to observe.

(1) SHOES: No footwear should be worn that might harm the court surface. It is a strict club rule that proper tennis shoes with soft non-marking soles be worn when playing. As a general rule, hard soled trainers are not acceptable. Trainers with bars, studs or sharp serrations are not acceptable. Soles which leave black marks on the courts are not acceptable. Dirty, muddy shoes are not acceptable. Members should also avoid walking mud from the surrounding playing field onto the courts.

(2) SMOKING: No smoking is allowed on club premises - neither in the clubhouse nor on the courts.

(3) CLUB SESSIONS: These sessions are reserved for general club play.  All members are welcome at such sessions to 'mix-in' and play with other members.

(4) COURT RESERVATION: Courts are not currently available for pre-booking.

(5) WAITING TO PLAY: Members should not play more than one set of tennis if other members are waiting to play and no singles game should begin if a four is waiting for the court.

(6) JUNIOR PRIORITY: Juniors have priority for coaching. Adult members have priority at all other times. Teenage juniors are encouraged to attend the club sessions.

(7) GUESTS: A Member may introduce one visiting player provided that he or she accompanies the player. The guest fee (£3) should be paid as soon as possible to any Committee Member. After four visits a guest would be expected to join the Club and will have their guest fees deducted from their subscription rate.  The guest fees for juniors is £2.

(8) WEALD LEAGUE: The Club currently enters a Ladies, Men's and Mixed team in the local Weald League. Matches against other clubs (approximately 6 home matches during the year) are held on Saturday afternoons. Members should check the clubhouse notice board or Club Calendar for dates when both courts are reserved for about 3 hours for our home league matches.

(9) CLUBHOUSE: All adult and family members are entitled to use the clubhouse facilities but are expected to tidy up and clean any crockery, glasses, etc. after use. Any rubbish should be placed in the bin(s) provided.

(10) FLOODLIGHTS: The floodlight meters (one per court) are located inside the clubhouse and only take tokens which must be purchased from designated committee members. Tokens cost £1 each, which gives 15 minutes floodlight time. The meters do not take cash. Members should be aware that the floodlights will go out automatically at 9.30pm in order to comply with local council by-laws.