Contact details for the Managers, Coaches and Administrator of each team age group - 2021/22 Season


Pete Cox (Coach)

Tel: 07736 288023


Ben Frier (Coach)

Tel: 07903 501122


Chris Harvell (Coach)

Tel: 07825 248158


Russell Spencer (Coach)

Tel: 07738 641963

U9's - We run two squads - ALL enquiries to Paul Thurston please - thank you!

U9's Lightning

Paul Thurston (Coach)

Tel: 07824 084811

U9's Thunder

Dave Cauvin (Coach)

Tel: 07388 713918

U10's Athletic

Dan Cronin (Coach)

Tel: 07789 374367

U10's Harriers

Adam Battams (Coach)

Tel: 07557 998050


Tom Powell (Coach)

Tel: 07862725104


Alex Scott (Coach)

Tel: 07766 756839

U13's Royals

Paul Lambert (Coach)

Tel: 07894 502202

U14's Inter

Jim Waters (Coach)

Tel: 07733 015060

U14's Wolves

Kevin Hall (Coach)

Tel: 07717 362675

Clare Schruers (Administrator)

Tel: 07932 044570

U16's Athletic

Josh Allum (Coach)

Tel: 07595 709770

U16's Olympic

Mark Lockyer (Coach)

Tel: 07824 368330

The names listed above are the head coaches for each age group. They are assisted by assistant coaches who are not listed. All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are DBS checked and have attended child safeguarding courses.