Jong-Hyouk Lee's Research Information

Prof. Jong-Hyouk Lee (이종혁), Ph.D, IEEE Senior Member

e-mail: jonghyouk (at) smu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Protocol Engineering Lab.Department of Software, Sangmyung University, Cheonan Campus, 31066, Republic of Korea

I am Jong-Hyouk Lee. I love my wife who has a childlike innocence and my two little sons - Jangwoo and Hyunwoo, so I have got to take care of my family in all my life, but I have not yet been firm on my legs. I received my B.S. degree in Information System Engineering from Daejeon University in 2004 and carried the M.S. and Ph.D. work in Computer Engineering under Prof. Tai-Myoung Chung at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (M.S., 2007; Ph.D., 2010). In 2009, I joined the project team IMARA at INRIA, where I undertook the protocol design and implementation for IPv6 vehicular (ITS) communication and security. I started my academic profession at the Network, Security, and Multimedia (RSM) Department of TELECOM Bretagne, France in 2012 as an Assistant Professor. In September 2013, I moved to Sangmyung University, Korea. I'm involved in standardization activities at the ISO TC204 WG16, ETSI TC ITS, and IETF. I twice received Excellent Research Awards from the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. I won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE WiMob 2012 and received the 2015 Best Land Transportation Paper Award from the IEEE Vehicular Technology SocietyIn November 2014, I was selected as the Young Researcher of the Month by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) WebzineI was a tutorial speaker at the IEEE WCNC 2013 and IEEE VTC 2014 Spring. I'm a general chair of Qshine 2016 and technical program chair of the IEEE ICCE 2017, IEEE ICCE 2018, and IEEE ICCE 2019I'm a senior member of the IEEE. I'm an associate editor of Wiley Security and Communication Networks and IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. Research interests include authentication, privacy, mobility management, and protocol analysis.

  • "Getting older means that I'm getting used to coming to terms with the fact I want to deny," by Jong-Hyouk living somewhere between /dev/null and /dev/random
  • "I feel no envy at things that one can buy with one’s money, position, or authority," by Jong-Hyouk living somewhere between /dev/null and /dev/random

Professional Editorial Service 

  1. Director in charge of Computing, Association des Scientifiques Coréens en France (재불 한국과학기술자 협회, 2013/01 - present)
  2. Editor in Chief, International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (Inderscience, ISSN: 1748-569X, 2016/01 - present)
  3. Associate Editor, Security and Communication Networks (Wiley InterScience, ISSN: 1939-0114, 2010/07 - present)
  4. Associate EditorIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics (IEEE, ISSN: 0098-3063, 2011/06 - present)
  5. Associate EditorIEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine  (IEEE, ISSN: 2162-2248, 2016/07 - present)
  6. Associate Editor, Annals of Telecommunications (Springer, ISSN: 0003-4347, 2014/02 - present)
  7. Associate Editor, IET Networks (IET, ISSN: 2047-4954, 2016/11 - present)
  8. Associate EditorETRI Journal (Wiley, ISSN: 2233-7326, 2017/09 - present)
  9. Associate EditorSecurity and Privacy (Wiley, ISSN: 2475-6725, 2017/09 - present)
  10. Editorial Board MemberThe Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society (한국통신학회 논문지, 2012/08 - present)

Award and Honors

  1. IEEE Systems Journal Best Paper Award, IEEE Systems Council, October 2018.
  2. Haedong Young Scholar Award, Haedong Science and Culture Foundation, December 2017.
  3. IEEE Best Land Transportation Paper Award, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, September 2015.
  4. Young Researcher of the Month, National Research Foundation of Korea, November 2014.
  5. Best paper award from the IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) 2012, October 2012.
  6. Biography inclusion in the 2011-2012 (11th) Edition of Who's Who in Science and Engineering.
  7. Excellent research award (1st prize) from the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, January 2010.
  8. Excellent research award (2nd prize) from the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, February 2009.
  9. Best paper award from International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications 2008.
  10. Best paper award from Korea Information Processing Society, Spring Conference 2006.

ISO Contribution List

  1. ISO 16788: Intelligent transport systems - Communications access for land mobiles - IPv6 Networking Security
  2. ISO 16789: Intelligent transport systems - Communications access for land mobiles - IPv6 Networking Optimisation

IETF Contribution List

  1. D. Patki, S. Gundavelli, J. Lee, Q. Fu, and L. Bertz, "Mobile Access Gateway Configuration Parameters Controlled by the Local Mobility Anchor," IETF RFC 8127, August 2017.
  2. Z. Yan, J. Lee, and X. Lee, "Home Network Prefix Renumbering in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6)," IETF RFC 8191, August 2017.
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  11. Jong-Hyouk Lee, Hyung-Jin Lim, and Tai-Myoung Chung, "Heartbeat Mechanism for Local Mobility Anchors in Proxy Mobile IPv6", draft-jhlee-netlmm-heartbeatlma (expired), March 2008.

Journal Publication List

  1. Shijie Zhang and Jong-Hyouk Lee, "Double-spending with a Sybil Attack in the Bitcoin Decentralized Network," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informaticsaccepted.
  2. Vivekananda Bhat K, Ashok Kumar Das, and Jong-Hyouk Lee, "Design of a blind quantization based audio watermarking scheme using singular value decomposition," Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, accepted.
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