Response to Delpit's "Language Diversity & Learning"

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Response to Delpit’s “Language Diversity and Learning”

Artifact Reflection

I wrote the following artifact for a course called School & Society and NC State University.   The course examined the role of schools in American society, as well as current issues in education.  One of the issues we looked at was cultural diversity.  Small groups of students in the class studied different aspects of diversity.  I was in a group that studied language diversity and the implications for American education.  The artifact below is a written response to the article “Language Diversity and Learning” by Lisa Delpit.  In the response, I summarize the arguments Delpit makes as well as make critical and personal response to Delpit’s arguments. 

This artifact represents my growing awareness and understanding cultural diversity.  As the populations in our nation and state change so do the populations in our schools.  Language-based diversity is abundant in the classroom, and educators need to be mindful of this diversity to accommodate all of their students in the most appropriate ways. 

Please open the attachment below (Response to Delpit's Language Diversity.doc) to view this artifact. 

Emily Hurr,
Apr 28, 2009, 6:27 PM