PAUL E. HURLEY                                                                                                               


Sexton Professor of Philosophy                                                                   

Claremont McKenna College                                                                                

284 Kravis Center                                                                                                

Claremont, CA  91711                                                                       

(909) 607-7140


Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh                                                               1988

Dissertation: “The Practical Given” (advisor, Kurt Baier; 2nd reader, David Gauthier)

M.A. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh                                                                 1986

B.A. in Philosophy with honors, University of Notre Dame                                         1982



Fagothey Distinguished Visitor, Santa Clara University                                 Spring 2007

Sexton Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College                  2007-present

Coordinator, Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics                   2006-present

Sexton Professor, Claremont McKenna College                                           2006-present

Professor, Pomona College                                                                                 2002-2006

Associate Professor, Pomona College                                                               1994-2002

Invited Visitor, University of Pittsburgh                                                               Spring 1998

Visiting Associate Professor, University of Arizona                                              Fall 1994

Assistant Professor, Pomona College                                                                 1988-1994



 Specialization: Ethics, Metaethics


Concentration:  Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Business Ethics



KLI Course Development Grant                                                                                      2013

Freshman Humanities Seminar Course Development Grant                                      2009

Fagothey Distinguished Visitor, Santa Clara University                                               2007

Summer Research Grants, Claremont McKenna College                                      2006-08      

Wig Course Preparation Grant (with Eleanor Brown)                                                   2000

Templeton Foundation Grant (with Eleanor Brown)                                                      1999

Summer Research Grant, Irvine Foundation                                                                  1996

Steele Foundation Sabbatical Subvention Grant                                                          1993

Teaching Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh                                                          1983-87

Mellon Fellowship, Mellon Foundation                                                                      1982-83



Roy P. Crocker Award for Merit, Claremont McKenna College                                   2011

Wig Distinguished Teaching Award, Pomona College                                                 2005                        

Wig Distinguished Teaching Award, Pomona College                                                 1999

Wig Distinguished Teaching Award, Pomona College                                                 1992

Douglass Greenlee Prize, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy    1988

First Prize, John Dewey Essays Project                                                                         1987

Apple for the Teacher Award, University of Pittsburgh                                                  1987

Phi Beta Kappa, University of Notre Dame                                                                    1982





Beyond Consequentialism, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, hardback edition, 2009; paperback edition, 2011) ISBN 978-0-19-955930-5.

Some reviews: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2012.01.07, reviewed by Rahul Kumar; Ethics 121 (January 2011): 444-49, reviewed by Robert Myers; Utilitas Vol. 24 (December 2012): 554-57, reviewed by Andrews Reath; The Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (2013): 570-72, reviewed by Julia Driver.


History of Philosophy (New York: Harper Collins, 1993)

Co-authored with William Taschek, Hugh Benson, Dion Scott-Kakures, and Susan Castagnetto.  Sole author of chapters on Hobbes, Locke’s Political Theory, Rousseau, Hume’s Moral Theory, Kant’s Moral Theory, Utilitarianism, Marx, and American Pragmatism.


Journal Articles and Encyclopedia Entries:

"Two Dogmas of Consequentialism," under submission.

(see twodogmasofconsequentialism at page bottom)

"Whose Problem is Non-Identity?" co-authored with Rivka Weinberg, The Journal of Moral Philosophy, initial online publication 2014.  


"Consequentializing and Deontologizing: Clogging the Consequentialist Vacuum," Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics Vol. 3 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 123-153.

(for pre-publication draft, see 'consequentializethish' at page bottom)

"Comments on Douglas Portmore's Commonsense Consequentialism," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming Vol. LXXXVIII No. 1, January (2014), pp. 225-232.

(For text, see postCOMonPORT.html [click v.1] below)

"Deontology," International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

"Paradox of Deontology," International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

“Desire, Judgment, and Reason: Exploring the Path Not Taken,” The Journal of Ethics, Volume 11, Number 4 December (2007), pp. 437-463.

(For text, see postDJREPNT.pdf below)

“Does Consequentialism Make Too Many Demands, or None at All?”, Ethics, Volume 116, Number 4, July (2006), pp. 680-706.


“Fairness and Beneficence,” Ethics, Volume 113, No. 4, July (2003), pp. 841-864.


“A Davidsonian Reconciliation of Internalism, Objectivity, and the Belief-desire Theory,” The Journal of Ethics, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2002), pp. 1-20.


“A Kantian Rationale for Desire-based Justification,” Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 1, No. 2 (2001), pp. 1-16.

(For text, see postKANTRAT.pdf below) 

“Sellars’s Ethics: Variations on Kantian Themes,” Philosophical Studies, Vol. 101 (2000), pp. 291-324.


“Agent-centered Restrictions: Clearing the Air of Paradox,” Ethics, Vol. 107, October (1997), pp. 120-146.

(For text, see postACRCAP.pdf below)


“Getting Our Options Clear: A Closer Look at Agent-centered Options,” Philosophical Studies, Vol. 78 (1995), pp. 163-188.


“Scheffler’s Argument For Deontology,” The Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 74, June (1993), pp. 118-134.


“The Hidden Consequentialist Assumption,” Analysis, Vol. 52, October (1992), pp.241-248.


“How Weakness of the Will is Possible,” Mind, Vol. 101, No. 401, January (1992), pp. 85-88.


“The Many Appetites of Thomas Hobbes,” History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 7 (1990), pp. 391-407.


“Where the Traditional Accounts of Practical Reason Go Wrong,” Logos, Vol. 10 (1989), pp. 157-166.


“Dewey on Desires: The Lost Argument,” Transactions of the Peirce Society, Vol. 24 (1988), pp. 509-519.  Reprinted in John Dewey: Critical Assessments, J. E. Tiles (ed.) (Routledge, 1992), pp. 91-99.


Book Reviews and Dictionary Entries:

"Review: David Wiggins: Ethics," Mind, forthcoming 2014.

"Review: Douglas Portmore: Commonsense Consequentialism," Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2012.


“Review: Michael Thompson: Life and Action,” solicited by Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2009,


“Review: R. Jay Wallace: Normativity and the Will,“ co-authored with Dion Scott-Kakures, Mind (2008), pp. 744-750.

"W. T. Jones" entry in The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, 1860-1960 (Thoemmes Press, 2005)


Review of David Miller’s Principles of Social Justice, in Ethics, Vol. 112 January (2002), pp. 391-394.


Review of Jenny Teichman’s Social Ethics, in Ethics, Vol. 108, No. 4, July (1998), p. 850.

"John Dewey" chapter in Great Thinkers of the Western World (New York: Harper and Row, 1992).


Edited Volumes:


Guest Editor, Pacific Division Issue, Philosophical Studies (2010).


In Progress:

"Two Dogmas of Consequentialism"

"Consequentialism and the Deep Doing-Allowing Distinction"



"Consequentialism and the Deep Doing-Allowing Distinction," University of Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany,

September 2013.

"Two Dogmas of Consequentialism," University of Notre Dame

March, 2013

Critic, Author Meets Critics session on Douglas Portmore's Commonsense Consequentialism, APA Pacific Meetings

March, 2013

"Consequentializing and Deontologizing," Normative Ethics Workshop, University of Arizona

January, 2012

"Author's Response," Author Meets Critics Session on Beyond Consequentialism, Southern California Philosophy Conference

November, 2010

 “Rights, Value, and the Nature of Desire,” Sontag Lecture, Pomona College

 April 9, 2010

Critic, Author Meets Critics Session on Michael Thompson’s Life and Action, APA Central Meetings

February 2010


“What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection,”? Presented at the Northwestern Conference in Ethical Theory and Political Philosophy

April 2009


“What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection,” Presented to the Georgetown University Philosophy Department   

October 2008


“Deflating the Challenge of Consequentialism,” Presented to the Santa Clara Philosophy Department                                                                                                         

May 2007


“What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection,” Presented to the Santa Clara Philosophy Department                                                                                                        

April 2007


“Deflating the Challenge of Consequentialism,” Departmental Colloquium, UC Riverside,                                                                                                          

March 2007


“What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection,” Dept. Colloquium, Ohio University

January 2007


“What Lurks Beneath the Integrity Objection,” Department Colloquium, UC Irvine

October 2006


Critic, Author Meets Critics Session on J. Gert’s Brute Rationality, APA Pacific Meetings                                                                                                              

April 2006


Commentator, Oberlin Colloquium                                                                    

April 2004                  


Commentator, UC Riverside Trust Conference                                                

March 2004


“Does Consequentialism Make Too Many Demands, or None at All?,” Department Colloquium, University of New Mexico                                                       

February 2004


“Does Consequentialism Make Too Many Demands, or None at All?,” invited paper, Southern California Philosophy Conference, UC Riverside                           

October 2003


Commentator, Hume Society Annual Conference, UNLV                              

August 2003


“Quinn, Raz, and Scanlon on Desire, Judgment and Reason,” Departmental Colloquium, UC Santa Barbara                                                                                               

April 2002                   


“Quinn, Raz, and Scanlon on Desire, Judgment, and Justification,” Department Colloquium, University of Michigan                                                             

October 2001


“Towards a Solution to the Moral Problem?” APA Pacific Division Meetings, Albuquerque, N.M.                                                                                              

April 2000


“Korsgaard on Desire-based Justification,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Notre Dame                                                                          

September 1999


“Agent-centered Restrictions: Clearing the Air of Paradox,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of California at Irvine                                                            



“Agent-centered Restrictions: Clearing the Air of Paradox,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Arizona                                                            

November 1995


“Scheffler’s Argument for Deontology,” APA Pacific Meetings                     

March 1993


“Consequentialism Deontologized, Deontology Consequentialized,” Occidental College Philosophy Colloquium                                                                               

November 1991


“Davidson on Incontinent Actions,” APA Pacific Meetings                             

March 1990


“Davidson on Incontinent Actions,” Cal Tech Discussion Group              

November 1990


“Against the Argument Against Ethical Objectivity,” University of Southern California Ethics Discussion Group                                                                              

September 1989                                                                                                                 


“Where the Traditional Accounts of Practical Reason Go Wrong,” conference on Reason and Moral Judgment, Santa Clara University                                                      

April 1989


Dewey on Desires: The Lost Argument,” meetings of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy                                                                                        

March 1988



“Markets and Morals: From Adam Smith to Warren Buffett,” Pasadena Senior Curriculum                                                                                                             

May 2010


“Happiness, Well-Being, and the Meaning of Life,” One Day University. Los Angeles and San Francisco                                                                                        

December 2009


“Markets and Morals,” public lecture, Ohio University                                 

January 2007


“Trust Betrayed,” Alumni Symposium Plenary Address                                   

April 2003


“The Philosophy of Parenting,” Class Day Address, Pomona College Commencement Weekend                                                                                                              

May 2000


“Corporate Responsibility,” Claremont Sunrise Rotary                                              



“Corporate Responsibility,” Psychology Department Colloquium, Claremont Graduate University                                                                                                       

October 1996


“CEO as Strongman,” Claremont Rotary Club, Pomona Lunchtime Lecture series, and elsewhere                                                                                                             







Carleton College External Review Committee                                                            



Review Board, International Encyclopedia of Ethics                                                                    



U. of Delaware External Review Committee, Chair 2010                                           



Chair, Hampton Prize Selection Committee                                                              



Chair, APA Pacific Division Program Committee                                             



Pacific Division Executive Committee                                                              



APA Pacific Program Committee                                                                



External Evaluator, Creighton University Philosophy Department                       

April 2006


External Evaluator, Santa Clara University Philosophy Department                             



Scripps College Philosophy Search Committee                                                    



External Evaluator, Philosophy Department, Cal State Los Angeles                           



Human Resources Masters Program Advisory Committee, Claremont Graduate University                                                                                                             



Ad hoc reviewer, Ethics, Philosophical Studies, The Journal of Ethics, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, The Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophers’ Imprint, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Nous, American Philosophical Quarterly, The Journal of Moral Philosophy, The Journal of Social Philosophy, and Inquiry.                                                                                     

Member, Program Committee, APA Pacific Division Meetings                         



Session Chair, APA Pacific Meetings                                 

1994-1997, 2001, 2004, 2005


Session Chair, APA Eastern Meetings                                                                       



Member, American Philosophical Association.




Presidential Search Committee, Claremont McKenna College, 2012.


Chair, Administration Committee                                                                        



Search Committee Chair, CMC Phil. Dept.                                                       



Academic Affairs Subcommittee, CMC Board of Trustees                                



Philosophy Program Coordinator                                                                     

Spring 2009


FIS Committee Member                                                                         

2006, 2007, 2008


Co-coordinator, Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, CMC            



Chair, Search Committee, CMC                                                                       



Chair, Philosophy Department, Pomona College                                            

1994-98, 2002-2006


Co-director, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program, Pomona College                   



Pomona College Executive Committee                                                              



Pomona College Budget Planning Committee                                                    



Pomona College Size of the College Task Force                                              



Philosophy Dept. Search Committee (chair)                                                          



Pomona Student Union Advisory Committee                                                     



Presidential Inauguration Committee                                                                           



Pomona College Orientation Committee                                                                



Philosophy Department Search Committee, chair                                         

1999 and 2000


Faculty Personnel Committee                                                                                 



McConnell Chair Search Committee, chair                                                            



Rhodes/Marshall Scholarship Committee, chair                                                      
























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