184 Main Street, Greenville, Pa 16125

"If you can't find it anywhere else, try us!"

We have Wildflower Honey & Goldenrod honey, plus creamed honey & beeswax. Powell's Apiaries is located in Greenville, Pa!                                               
The soaps are Amish made in Atlantic, Pa.
Some of the types are: Tea Tree, Green Mint, Wild Rose, Health Bar, & Honey & Oatmeal.
This product is made by a 3 generation family who live near Meadville, Pennsylvania.
This is another one of the many fine jellies we offer. Made by a 3 -generation family in Sagertown, Pa. Get a block of cream cheese and smother it with this sweet hot pepper jelly and serve with some crackers, and you have an amazing appetizer or snack.
This is an other amazing jelly we offer. The other flavors we sell here are Razzelberry, Kettle Apple Butter, Harvest Pumpkin Butter, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb,& Wild Elderberry.
D. Landrith Seed Company is the oldest seed house in America, & the 5th oldest business in America. They are located in New Freedom, PA.http://www.landrethseeds.com/
This is one of our specialty soaps. It will wash the poison ivy right off your skin! (Really.) This is a must-have for any person who does work outdoors.
These mouse traps are made in Lititz, Pa. They're one of the most high quality mouse traps there are--to get rid of your furry pests!