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Current Research Projects

We are currently initiating a number of research programs within the lab. One includes understanding the processes related to the treatment of panic disorder using cognitive behavioral therapy, which is conducted under the rubric of a research seminar for clinical psychology students on the empirical basis of psychotherapy.

In addition, we are engaging in a collaborative research project on the malleability of attentional biases in anxiety along with Dr. Thomas Rodebaugh at Washington University, St. Louis (

We are also examining interpretation biases, or how individuals interpret ambiguous scenarios and how this is related to anxiety. We use a number of methods from experimental psychopathology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and psychophysiology to do so. Specifically, we are about to start a 4 years study on the malleability of interpretation bias in social anxiety disorder (as measured by both ERPs and self-report measures) and how it predicts the outcome and process of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).