Economist, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., September 2014 - 

    Ph.D., International Economics and Finance, Brandeis University, 2014 
    M.S., Economics,  Brandeis University, 2010
    B.A., Economics, Smith College, cum laude, 2008 
    General Course, Economics, London School of Economics, 2006-2007 


        Land Rights and Child Well-Being in Vietnam, with Nidhiya Menon (Brandeis University) and Yana Rodgers (Rutgers University), World Development, Volume 54, February 2014, Pages 18–31.

Working Papers

       Uncertainty in the Housing Market: A Learning Model and Evidence from Household Survey Data, October 2014

       Exchange Rate Volatility and Imports of Intermediate Inputs: Evidence from Chilean Plants, Sep 2013, with Ricardo Lopez (Brandeis University), revised and resubmitted requested by Review of International Economics.


  Population Aging and the Effects on Real Estate and Financial Asset Returns, May 2012, IMF Internship Project.

Work in progress   

    Population Aging and the Global Imbalances
    What Economists Should Know About Government Balance Sheet, with Matthias Burgert (European Commission)

Professional Experience 
        International Monetary Fund Strategy Policy Review Department / Advanced Economies Division  (Summer 2011)
        Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Macroeconomics Research team (Summer 2007, 2008)


2015: Vietnam Development Symposium, Harvard Kennedy School
2014: European Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society, Madrid; LACEA, Sao Paulo; American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting, San Diego
2013: Canadian Economic Association Annual Meeting, Montreal*; Eastern Economic Association Meeting, New York; American Economic Association Annual Meeting*, San Diego 
2012: Eastern Finance Association Meeting, Boston 
2011: IMF Seminar Series, Washington D.C. 
*: presented by co-authors. 

Awards, Scholarship and Fellowships
        Best Manuscript Prize, American Real Estate Society (2014)
             Provost's Dissertation Support Award, Brandeis University (2014)
        Travel & Research Grants, Brandeis University (2014)
        Rosenberg Summer Research Grant, Brandeis University (2013)
        Third prize, International Trade Essay Contest, Brandeis University
        Graduate Fellowship, Brandeis University (2008-2013)
        Scholar Athlete Award, Smith College (2006, 2007, 2008)
        Vietnam’s representative, International Environmental Experience, South Africa (2003) 

Other Research Experience 

        Research Assistant to Professor Peter Petri (Summer 2013)
                “FDI between China and the U.S. in the Gravity Model” 
        Research Assistant to Professor Ricardo Lopez (2011-12)
        Research Assistant to Professor Elif Sisli Ciamarra (Spring 2010)
                “Executive Compensation, Risk Taking and the State of the Economy." Journal of Financial Stability (2013): 55-68.
        Research Assistant to Professor Peter Petri (Fall 2009)
                “The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A Quantitative Assessment
        Research assistant to Professor Kathryn Graddy (Fall 2008)
                “Sale Rates and Price Movements in Art Auctions,” American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2011, 101: 212-216
Teaching Experience 
                  Lecturer - Brandeis University
        Econometrics (Undergraduates/Master) (Summer 2012) 
        Statistics for Economic Analysis (Undergraduates) (Summer 2009)
        Economic Principles and Globalization (Undergraduates) (Spring 2013) 

                Teaching Fellow - Brandeis University
        Game Theory (PhD) (Spring 2011, Spring 2013) 
        Asia: Center of the World Economy (Masters Trade class) (Fall 2010, Fall 2012)
        Introduction to Econometrics (Masters) (Spring 2010 Module 1)
        Applications of Econometrics (Masters) (Spring 2010 Module 2) 
        Econometrics (Undergraduates) (Spring 2009) 

                Teaching Assistant - Smith College 
        Mathematics for Economics (Spring 2008)
        Intermediate Macroeconomics (Fall 2007)
        Quantitative Learning Center, Tutor (2007-08)

        Languages:  English (fluent), Vietnamese (native), Spanish (beginner) 
        Computer:  Matlab, STATA, SPSS, Grapher, Mathematica, Linux
        Database: PSID, SCF, WITS, Datastream, Haver, Bloomberg, WRDS, WEO, WDI

        Volunteering:  Southeast Asia Leadership Network – Cambodia project (2007) 
        D.O.B: 11/11/1986
        Nationality: Vietnamese
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