I am a Ph.D. candidate in International Economics and Finance at the Brandeis International Business School. My research focuses on the macroeconomic and asset pricing implications of uncertainty, adaptive learning, and demographic changes. Using econometric techniques as well as structural models, I have studied a range of questions including how households form their expectations of asset prices, how population aging affects real estate prices, and the effect of real exchange rate volatility on firms’ decisions to import intermediate inputs. At Brandeis University, I have taught Econometrics and Statistics. I received my B.A. from Smith College with a major in Economics. 

I will join the International Monetary Fund as an economist this coming fall. 

Research Interests
Primary:         Macroeconomics, Housing Market and the Real Business Cycle, Learning Models
Secondary:      International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Development

Contact Information

Brandeis University
MS 032 IBS
415 South street, Waltham MA 02453