Huon Crier is a community inspired newsletter. Not-for-profit, monthly, non-political, non-commercial, ad-free . We hope you enjoy reading and contributing to this newsletter.

Our History

We began in 2012, with a book sale and a quiz night to get us started.  Inspired by the wonderful community of Cygnet, we wanted a free, ad-free, business free newsletter to link and inform community groups/ community members in a way that was positive and honest. Huon Crier is about building, connecting and strengthening our local community.

Each of us have amazing superpowers. We share a little of our superpowers to keep the newsletter rolling along. We meet monthly to organise the upcoming newsletter, chat and drink tea. It's very much a social thing.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming fundraisers. Though we keep the cost of running Huon Crier to a bare minimum, we do require some funds. Thanks to your support, we can keep Huon Crier alive and well!

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