Welcome To My Website!

What started out as simply making a purse for myself, has ballooned into something bigger and much more wonderful.

I had learned to sew in home economics in junior high school.  Do they even offer that anymore? Little did I know a gray with pink polka dotted skirt would turn into such a fun and fulfilling hobby.  It helped, too that I grew up around very crafty women who taught me how to crochet, knit and even quilt a bit.  But that was years ago.

Fast forward to the end of 2008.  A friend had made a purse that I really liked.  Straight lines, nothing fancy.  I could make that.  So I did.  Well, after making several purses for myself and friends, one asked me if I could make a quilt.  She wanted a picture quilt similar to the one seen in “Step Mother”.  Thanks to youtube I was able to watch the quilt scene and decided, sure, I can do something similar to that.  A little more youtube, a simple book on quilting and the next thing I know I’m designing and creating six quilts for that dear friend to give to her grandchildren for Christmas. 

The quilts were fairly simple 12” square patterns I had found.  What made these quilts exciting and different is that for my center 4” x 4” block I used a photo print instead of a standard bit of material and I can do this for your item(s) as well!

This idea led to another, led to another and now I'm here offering highly-customizable services to you!