Union Meeting House Restoration

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The Historical Society sold the Union Meeting House to the Town in February, 2001, so that it might be used for the library and for other community functions. During the time the Historical Society owned the building, approximately $75,000 was raised and used to maintain the structure and add improvements such as a new heating system, roof, and septic system.

At right, members of a work crew composed of Volunteers for Peace, and community members Andy Palmer, and Knox
Cummin take a break for a photo opportunity.

Structural restoration of the Great Hall is now complete, and we have moved in.  The small room in the UMH annex which once held a portion of our collection is now the librarian's office, and the books have been moved into the Great Hall.  Highlights of the renovations can be seen below.

Major accomplishments for 2006 include:

  • Installation of the circulation desk
  • Automation of the collection (electronic card catalog) was completed
  • Front entry handrails completed
  • Great Hall carpets selected and purchased
  • Hardware/software for automated card catalog purchased
  • Bookshelves purchased
  • Screen for slides/films installed
  • Henry Family theatrical curtains installed in the Great Hall
Projects remaining for 2007:
  • Install bookshelves
  • Put books on shelves
  • Install lighting under balcony
  • Repair and paint bell tower
  • Finish the parking lot
  • Finish the landscaping
  • Install sign

Our beautiful cherry circulation desk.

This was built and donated by Kevin Jenness, using materials donated by Bird's Eye Builders. 
Many thanks to Kevin and Bird's Eye!

One of our rose pane windows:

One of our pressed tin ceiling tiles.

A picture can't possibly do justice to how these look. You must come into the library and look up!

Here is one of the "Henry" curtains:

And here is the other "Henry" curtain: