Library Trustee Meetings.
Library Trustees meet at the Library on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 pm.

Computer Rules.
We ask that patrons sign in to use the computers and thereby agree to our Computer and Internet Policy. Minors require a parent’s permission. Parents should be aware that computer use at the library is unsupervised.

Maple Bank Fundraiser. The Friends of the Library holds its maple bank fundraiser every Spring. Please participate if you can and turn your bank in at the library. Thank you to all who participated in years past. 

Recycled Ink Cartridges We have a recycle bin for your used ink and toner cartridges.  Bring them to us and we can send them in for a rebate.  Thanks.

Money for the Library Now the Huntington Public Library can receive a penny every time you search the Internet. When you need to search go to and money from Yahoo advertisers will go to the Huntington Public Library.  Just type in our name when asked for your charity, and listen to those pennies drop into our piggybank.

TerraCycle at the Library Bring in your CLEAN recyclable items to earn money for the Library!  TerraCycle is a company that collects recyclables and up-cycles them into new, usuable products such as garbage bins, bags, planters, picnic tables, benches, et.  The Library is collecting items such as all Colgate products (even used toothbrushes!), all Tom's of Maine products, Brita brand water containers and filters, baby food pouches, hard plastic tops and spouts from detergent bottles, and more. Come into the Library for a current list. 

Our Adopt an Author Program enables patrons to ensure that the latest offerings from their favorite authors are available at the Library by having the Library purchase the books at library rate and then billing the patron donor for the price of the item which is then donated to the Library.  Those who participate in the Adopt an Author Program are given first right to the item and a special book plate is placed in the book acknowledging the donor.  There are currently over 80 adopted authors.

Huntington Public Library Fact Sheet

updated January 2012

Number of active patrons (does not include children under 13)

Number of titles in our collection

Approximate number of books on loan at any given time

Number of new and donated books we add to our collection annually

Our annual budget

We have 3 computers, wireless access and a copier for public use.
The Community Center Space is available for community groups and meetings.