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What is Rotaract?

Rotaract is a club which allows 18-30 year olds get involved in their local community, raise money for local and national charities and good causes, socialise with like minded people and most importantly...

...we know how to have fun!

Habitually, we meet up on a Tuesday. For the first and third Tuesdays in the month we meet at our base at The George Hotel, Huntingdon (PE29 3AB) at 8pm. 

Social Meeting

The first Tuesday in the month is an ideal time to introduce yourself to our group as we have a relaxed gathering in the bar. 

Business Meeting

The third Tuesday in the month is a time when our members conduct our business meeting to decide what we are going to do in the coming weeks and how we want the club move forward, you are more than welcome to join us at this time, but warn you that it is not as fun as our other social activities!

Social Activities

At other times we host many fun events and socials at various times throughout the month, once you join you can be part of deciding how we spend our time.

Check out our 'What's Happening?' Page for upcoming events and socials!

If you like you can phone/text Nikki on 07914 221 249 or contact us by email  at  so we can look out for you and identify ourselves!