On-Campus Events


It should be kept in mind at all times what it means to "sponsor" an event. This means that the organization is totally responsible for all aspects of the event. Under no circumstances may student organizations “sponsor”, turn over reservations, or book rooms or tabling space on behalf of an outside organization. Any student organization which knowingly "subcontracts" their space to a non-Hunter organization will lose their reservation privileges. All student organization sponsored events must be open to the entire student body. Please note that all student organizations are required to have at least four activities per year and at least one per semester related to the organization’s purpose.


1.    A Student Event Information Form (SEIF) is required for ALL undergraduate, graduate and media student organization sponsored events and should be completed BEFORE being signed and approved by Student Government/Media Board, Public Safety and the Student Activities Office. This includes events held in club spaces, academic spaces, reserved campus spaces, and off-campus events/trips.

a)    Pick up an SEIF from USG (121 North), GSA (TH209), or Student Activities (C001 North).

b)    The SEIF must be filled out completely; indicating anticipated costs and a list of items and/or services. The SEIF must also indicate how much revenue you are anticipating if you are fundraising for your club or a non-profit organization.

c)     Attachments:

1.    A computer generated flyer with club name, date, location, contact information.  Please indicate if event is free or if you will be charging a fee or suggested donation).  The flyer must be stamped by your governing body.

2.    A reservation confirmation for TH105 or SRC. A confirmation letter on department letterhead or e-mail to twooten@hunter.cuny.edu if you are reserving a department space.  Room reservation forms are not required for events in club spaces. * (Reservation confirmations are no longer required from Central Reservations).

3.    If you are hiring a contractor, contracts must accompany event forms that are to be approved by the OSA.  The contract does not have to be signed for OSA approval; however, the contract must be completely filled out with all information pertaining to the contractual agreement and the contractor.  After OSA has approved your event, you should submit your contract to the CA in accordance with their policies.

4. If you are hiring a speaker, bio's must accompany event forms that are to be approved by the OSA.

d)    The SEIF must be signed by the President/Treasurer of the club FIRST.

e)    The SEIF must be signed by your governing body (USG 121 North, GSA 209TH, or Media Board110TH) SECOND.

f)      The SEIF must be signed by Public Safety (125B West) THIRD.

g)    The Office of Student Activities (C001 North) is the LAST office to sign off on the SEIF. Your event is not approved until it is signed off by the Office of Student Activities.

Note: Before submitting paperwork for final approval, please check to be sure that all the required documentation and signatures have been obtained.

If your organization sponsors a trip or event without the written approval of the Office of Student Activities, you are in violation of CUNY and Hunter College policy. Violations of policy may subject your club to SANCTIONS.

The Office of Student Activities will not approve trips or events which pose a significant risk to students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Teneia Wooten at twooten@hunter.cuny.edu or 212-­772-­4908.

*Central Reservations has implemented an online reservation system.  A physical copy of the Central Reservations confirmation is no longer required.  However, event forms will not be signed until your reservation has been confirmed in the system.  If your booking acknowledgement requires the signatures of Teneia Wooten and/or Latysha Mckenzie, you may drop off the form at the Office of Student Activities, Room C001N.  We are the last to sign before Central Reservations.  Forms dropped off before 12pm will be ready by 2pm.  Forms dropped off after 12pm will be ready the next business day.