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In late June of 1999 I was packing to head out to the Airstream International Rally in Dayton for a week, with my first Airstream trailer... a 21' Sovereign, when a friend emailed me that she wanted to buy it. The next morning as I was getting ready to take off another friend emailed me that she had seen a 1996 25 footer w/the double bed in the Traderonline. It was in Atlanta, only 3 hours from me. I called and 15 minutes later I owned it... sight unseen! I went to Dayton and didn't actually get to Atlanta for 10 days. Buying the trailer sight unseen was the smartest thing I've ever done. When I got to the dealer there were five checks backing up my deal, in case it fell through, and they had over 30 calls on it. The trailer was in like new condition....

The trailer has been an ongoing remodeling project...... 

 First I changed all the cabinet hardware, it was very cheap shiny brass looking crap. Then I took the mirrors out of the upper cabinets and replaced them with bead board paneling, I paneled the fridge doors as well. I also painted some walls, more about that later. I "Adirondacked" the living room cornice boards. I also put wood paneling on the living room walls... the wood is very light of course. The kitchen has been remodeled and I built a computer desk in the living room. The curtains are gone, giving me a panoramic view out the front widows. I removed the folding bedroom door and installed a curtain and did the same in the shower.

I changed the cornice boards and the headboard in the bedroom...they now have vintage Beacon camp blanket fabric and the comforter duvet cover is a vintage pattern with a red background and pine cones. I have lots of pictures of the changes so bear with me. I'll start with the floorplan.


Now for some interior photos........
 This is the couch which used to make into a 3/4 bed, it no longer does because of the new desk. I keep my prized vintage Navajo rugs on the white couch to protect it from the dogs and because I love the rugs. The antique "Old Hickory"chair is where I sit all the time. The dogs use the couch. I ripped out all the curtains, giving me a panoramic view out the front and have covered the funky wall covering with lightweight wood panels. I also ripped out the w/w carpet, except in the bedroom, and put down wood looking sheet vinyl. Everyone who visits thinks it's a wood floor.

I don't like the look of mirrored cabinet doors so I took out the mirrors and put in birch bead board paneling cut to fit, you can see part of my Lionel trains that I've had since 1950.

The pulls are made from shed antlers.

The fridge photo  shows the same bead board paneling covering the doors. Very easy to do, all you need is a Screwdriver Oh, and birch beadboard paneling carried by Lowes and Home Depot.....and a table saw. Use the old panels as a template, just mark and cut the same size.


The bedroom has a double bed which is against the side wall, this makes it a bit hard to change the sheets ... but it's worth the aggravation to have the dresser on the opposite wall. I have the bedroom Tivo also wired to the satellite dish which has a dual LNB. I can watch one TV and tape a different channel on the other.

There are four large drawers in the dresser. I also have two full length closets....one more than many of the larger Airstreams. I put shelves in one of the closets and have hanging clothes, like dresses, in the other.

An antique shelf on the dresser holds my stuffed bears and stuff. I also have little stuffies, like Beanie Babies over the cabinet above the head of the bed.

I did a bathroom remodel.....
  Here's the before and after....Here's a link to the remodel


Here's the remodeled kitchen. I removed the Moen "One touch" faucet and replaced it with a Kohler pull out spray faucet. The white thing on the counter is a Sunbeam Hot Shot, the best way to heat water for instant coffee or tea. I painted the walls a taupe grey. There's no reason to live with the silvery wallboard that comes in travel trailers.... a coat of oil base Kilz and you can paint the walls any latex color you want. The 2 burner Gaggeneau cooktop is new, and gives me over a foot more counter space. The Wilsonart counter top is also new. I got rid of the stove and oven and now have two large drawers where the oven was. Lower left you can see an antique fishing creel where I keep doggy doodoo cleanup bags.

I made a website detailing the kitchen remodel 

This photo shows both my wonderful pull out pantry and to the right is the "bookcase" I added.

It's really an oak upper kitchen cabinet from Home Depot, but at 12" x 12" x 30" tall it worked and I keep some of my prized vintage horse book collection in it.

Mostly the books are Paul Browns and C.W. Andersons. That's the late great Cody peeking around the corner.

He was really not demonic, the flash made his eye look it though.

This was the microwave that came with the trailer. I really didn't like walking in and having a microwave in my face, so I changed it.

First thing I did was get a smaller microwave, with a turntable which the first one didn't have.

Now here's what I see when I walk in, this nice old western oil painting. Much nicer than looking at a microwave door. The painting is on a red board which lifts up. Not only does it look good, but it gives me some storage around the microwave.


Here is the tv stand in the living room and my red wall.

My TV is a 15" Sony LDC and the satellite receiver is a Hughes Tivo DVR. I have an automatic Winegard roof satellite dish which I love. The positioner is the black box to the left of the TV. All the hookups are on the wall behind the tv.

There is also a phone hook up there and a 12 v plug. Above the tv on the wall you can see the thermostat which controls the A/C, the electric heat pump and the gas furnace.

This is the new computer desk that I built, which is where the old dining table stood. The door and drawer pulls are made from shed deer antlers. I really enjoy having the table lamp, it's much nicer than the 12 volt trailer lights in the evening. When I'm on the road I get online using my cellphones, I have both Verizon and Sprint. I also have wifi for places that offer it. My beloved and much missed Border Collie Brady is the wallpaper photo on my laptop.


My friend Judy found this deer skull on her farm in Maine. Note the cornice board, which I re-did in the Adirondack style. The painting on the left is one I bought on ebay I couldn't resist it because the dog is a tri-color Border Collie, like Tucker.

The one on the right was painted by my friend, animal artist Lynn Wade. The horse is her Belgian, "Major", who used to be a carriage horse at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. He retired to her farm in Ocala, Florida.

You can see the wood ceiling, I replaced the white pleather this spring.



This is a photo of my Hensley Arrow Hitch. It eliminates sway and fishtailing. No white knuckle rides for me when 18 wheelers go flying by. The sale all happened so fast that I had one shipped to Atlanta to be installed before I drove the new trailer home.

Speaking of the drive home. One glitch, my GMC 1500 Suburban, with the 5.7 V8, didn't have enough ooomph to pull the weight of this trailer. It did fine on the flat, but struggled up hills.............. So..... I went out and bought a new truck. I got a '99 Ford F-250 SuperDuty. It's a monster puller with the 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. It also has 4 wheel drive and a crew cab. Nice long wheelbase for towing, but hell in parking lots. I named him Bruiser. I got the Lariat version which has leather, CD player, cassette deck.... all the toys! I have "tricked" Bruiser out with a fancy stainless steel grill and rocker panels, pin stripes and wheel well trim, also a burl wood dashboard. I wanted the crew cab because of the dogs. I transformed the huge back seat into a platform so they can stretch out comfortably while I'm driving. I have the Century Royal cap for over the bed.... I also have a Bedslide System for the back so I don't have to crawl in and out every time I need something back there. It's basically a large drawer which holds all your stuff and provides easy access..   The photo is Bruiser on the road to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

After over 180,000 miles I saw a truck that melted my brain, and it was the same color and the cap fit it, so I bought it in Colorado..... very shortly after I regretted it... here's the sad story..... https://sites.google.com/site/huntersfordtruck/



Well, that's it for photos of the toys. Below you will find some links that you might want to follow.

The WBCCI, which is the organization for Airstream owners. Those red numbers you see on the front of them are the owner's registration number. Mine is 2268.

Escapees is for fulltimers who have no homebase. You get mail forwarding and phone calls. You become a Texas resident with their address as yours. One advantage of being a Texas resident is they have no state income tax. No personal property tax on vehicles either.

The Airstream List is an internet mailing list, which I manage, where people who have Airstreams come to discuss them. You don't need to have trailer to subscribe, and if you have a trailer it doesn't need to be an Airstream.


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Here are the states I've been to with the trailer. So far.


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