Piano Teachers in Winston-Salem, NC

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are piano teachers who are piano tuning customers of Sheila Hunter, RPT, owner of Hunter Piano Service. We recommend that you speak at length with a piano teacher before you or your child begins lessons. Find out his or her teaching style and experience and meet the teacher to get an idea of whether you or your child have compatible teaching/learning styles. Please call Sheila at 336-972-0594 if you have any further questions concerning finding a piano teacher. Please leave a voice message.

Teacher: Sally Hirsh
Zip Code: 27103
Qualifications and Experience: Sally Hirsh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Dance, is retired from teaching dance and now pursues piano teaching using a unique method handed down to her by a dear friend and former Chicago piano teacher of 90 years. This method, based on harmony and the ‘language’ of music, is accessible to young children and can be adjusted for adults. Ms. Hirsh offers a foundation of study and accepts students for the first three years.
Phone number: 336-251-2658

Teacher: Dot Smith
Zip Code: 27106
Qualifications and Experience: She has a Masters of Music and many years of experience both as a teacher and a church musician.
Phone number: 765-7277

Teacher: Michael Zeoli
Zip Code: Provides piano lessons in the student's home
Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from UNCSA. He is a singer/songwriter and church musician; performs in the band "Joe Next Door," www.joenextdoormusic.com. His teaching method emphasizes rhythmic acuity, competent reading, ear training, and performance. Michael offers music recitals 1-2 times per year.
Phone Number: 986-0462

UNCSA Community Music School
Private lessons in piano and various other musical instruments.
Director: Cameron MacManus
Phone Number: 734-2950

Salem College Community Music School
(website link: http://www.salem.edu/community/cms/index.html)
Private lessons in piano and various other musical instruments.
Director: Carmina Jenks
Phone Number: 721-2636