Tuning at the Stevens Center for the Winston-Salem Symphony

Thank you for your interest in using the services of Hunter Piano Service, located in Winston-Salem, NC. Please see our note below regarding our prices and scheduling piano and harpsichord tunings. We are professional piano technicians and members of the Piano Technicians Guild. We adhere to their professional and ethical standards. Go to Ptg.org for more information.

We are contract piano technicians for the Winston-Salem Symphony, UNCSA School of Dance, UNCSA Community Music School, UNCSA School of Film, WSSU, Music Carolina, Salem College, and various churches and recording studios. As contract technicians, we have to place top priority on servicing those pianos, and are always "on call" for these institutions. However, we also service pianos for private clients in Forsyth County and some surrounding counties. Please contact us by email to make an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheila is now scheduling Spring and Summer 2019 tunings and service.  If you have an urgent need for a piano tuning, please let us know. If we are unable to meet your immediate tuning need, we will refer you to another experienced and qualified technician. Thank you for your patience!
EMAIL: Tunehunter@aol.com (Copy and paste this email address into your email server.) This is THE method for scheduling your piano tuning appointment with Hunter Piano Service. If you are a new customer, please include in your email the following:
#1) Your piano's brand name and model (spinet, console, studio, antique upright, grand.)
#2) How long it's been since it was last tuned.
#3) Where you live and your phone number(s).
#4) If there are certain days of the week and times of day that you prefer for a tuning appointment.
(Please write "Piano tuning" in the subject line, to keep your email out of the spam folder.) Also, remember that TECHNOLOGY IS NOT PERFECT! We receive phone messages regularly that are unintelligible, because someone was calling from a cell phone and didn't realize what a bad signal they had. Additionally, emails don't always arrive at their destination. If you don't hear back from us within 5 business days, it is quite possible that your phone call or email was not received. Please try again! Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays, at varying times, depending on our tuning schedules. If you email on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then your email will be returned the following week. If you have a "piano emergency" then, try calling my cell phone and leaving a detailed voice message.
Bear in mind that Sheila's primary responsibilities are as the contract piano technician for 3 colleges. This keeps her very busy and she might not be able to get to your piano immediately. When she is not available, she may send one of her assistants, also professional piano technicians, to tune and service your piano, when they have openings in their schedules.

Hunter Piano Service, owned by Sheila Hunter, a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, has provided piano service in the Winston-Salem, NC area since 1991, to private customers, organizations and institutions, including the Winston-Salem Symphony, UNCSA, Salem College and Winston-Salem State University. She has also had the honor of tuning for such notable musicians as Orion Weiss, Conrad Tao, Wynton Marsalis, Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Three Mo' Tenors, Diane Schuur, Roy Haynes Quartet, Terrence Wilson, Take 6, Antonio Hart Quintet, Slide Hampton Quartet, Ricky Skaggs, Barbara Lister-Sink, and Music Carolina.
Sheila employs a professional piano technician who is an active Associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild who works for her on an as-needed basis. If you have an urgent need for piano service, and her schedule is full, then she will send out a technician in her place, so that you can get the service that you need as soon as possible. It is important to us at Hunter Piano Service that you receive the professional piano service that you need, and at a time that works best for your schedule!

Services and Products
Hunter Piano Service provides piano tuning, repairs, and some rebuilding for all types of pianos. 
 You may purchase piano humidity control systems manufactured by Dampp-Chaser. Other accessories, such as grand piano caster cups, case and string covers, adjustable petite artist's benches and fallboard locks are also available. 

Sheila Hunter also tunes and services harpsichords, for those of you who are harpsichord enthusiasts. She cares for the clavichord and forte piano at the Old Salem Boys School regularly and for the harpsichords at several churches in the Triad Area.

Fees: The basic tuning fee for the Winston-Salem, NC/Forsyth County area is $137 (price includes NC state/Forsyth County sales tax) if your piano has been tuned and maintained at standard pitch on a regular basis (i.e., a minimum of once a year). If it has been more than a year since your piano has been tuned, and if you want or need your piano to be tuned at standard concert pitch (
A-440), then your piano may need an additional tuning (called a "pitch correction" or "pitch raise") to return it to the proper pitch. That fee may be as much as $60 in addition to the $137 at your first appointment, as it will require additional time. Your first appointment also includes a thorough inspection of the action, soundboard and bridges of the piano. [Please note: Occasionally, a neglected piano is so far out of tune, that it may require more than one "pitch correction" or "pitch raise" to safely tune it back to standard pitch. If the piano is more than a 1/2 step flat, i.e., more than 100 cents below standard pitch, then it will most likely require more than one tuning appointment. We will inform you of what your piano needs before we start the process of tuning your piano.] We accept checks and cash and for residential customers, and we do expect payment at the time of your appointment.
Just a note about our prices: We are professional piano technicians, and active, participating members of the Piano Technicians Guild. We strive to stay informed of the latest methods for servicing pianos in a professional manner and to the highest standards. We stand behind the quality of our work. Our tuning prices are in the mid-range for the Triad area, so if you are looking for the cheapest price for tuning your piano, we recommend that you contact a non-Guild member. We are also legitimate, tax-paying service people, so our prices also reflect that. (See below.)

Beginning January 1, 2017, all legitimate service businesses that provide service to "real property" in the state of NC became reclassified as "retailers." All retailers are required to collect NC state sales tax from customers who use their services. Some folks incorrectly assume that we receive a "cut" from the state of NC for the sales tax we collect, which is currently 6.75% in Forsyth County. (County taxes vary in NC.) We DO NOT receive any percentage of the sales tax that we are required to collect for the state of NC. Our prices include the cost of bookkeeping and record-keeping necessary to collect and pay what the state of NC requires us to collect. This change to the sales tax law, by the way, was passed in 2014, and became effective in 2017 for piano technicians.
If you live outside of Forsyth County
Because there are many PTG technicians in the Triad Area, we primarily service pianos in Forsyth County. We do realize that there is a shortage of professional piano technicians west and north of Winston-Salem. We are willing to travel as far west as Elkin, NC and as far north as Mount Airy, NC to service pianos; however, we will only travel this distance for a minimum of two piano tunings. Our tuning fee is higher for tuning appointments outside of Forsyth County, due to the extra travel time, sales tax differences and costs. Please email Sheila for details.

Piano Teachers in Winston-Salem, NC
Are you looking for a piano teacher for yourself or for your child in the Winston-Salem area? Please click on the link at the top of the page called "Piano Teachers in Winston-Salem, NC."
Other Music Teachers
If you are interested in learning to play other musical instruments, please contact the Salem Music Academy or the UNCSA Community Music School for more information. Click on the above "Piano Teachers in Winston-Salem" link for contact information for both of these schools.

If you are interested in hammered dulcimer lessons, please contact Sheila Hunter at tunehunter@aol.com. She is currently taking beginning students in the Winston-Salem area. Sheila also does some minor hammered dulcimer repairs and restringing, should you need to get your dulcimer in good condition before starting lessons. For more details, go to the upper left hand side of this page and click on "Hammered Dulcimer lessons in NC." If you're looking for a hammered dulcimer teacher in other areas of NC, go to
Everything Dulcimer to find a teacher in your area. Sheila also teaches ukulele lessons to beginning adult students.
NEW in September 2015! Sheila now sells J. Wald two-sided hammered dulcimer hammers. Go the menu on the upper left hand side of this page and click on "Hammered Dulcimer Lessons in NC" to get more details.

If you are interested in ukulele or bowed psaltery lessons, please contact Sheila at tunehunter@aol.com. She is currently taking students.

NEWS FOR 2019! Have you ever wanted to build a bowed psaltery? If so, sign up for the spring 2019 bowed psaltery construction class at the Sawtooth School which will begin in April. Sheila will be co-teaching the class with Kim Gondring. Go to Sawtooth.org for details.

How To Contact Hunter Piano Service 
MOBILE PHONE: (336) 972-0594. As a courtesy to my customers, I do not answer my cell phone while in a customer's home, unless it is a call from one of my assistants. For safety reasons, I do not answer my phone while driving. This is why email if the preferred method of contacting me. You may use this number if you are a regular customer of Hunter Piano Service  (i.e., you have your piano tuned by us once or twice a year) or you have an urgent need for piano service or you have no ability to communicate via a computer. Please leave a voice message if I am unable to take your call. I do not return calls from numbers that I do not know, unless the caller leaves a detailed message. Hunter Piano Service does not employ a secretary, but we will do our best to return your phone call within 5 business days. You may also text your piano or harpsichord tuning request.

tunehunter@aol.com. (Write "Piano tuning" in the subject line.) Include in your email your piano's brand name and model, how long it's been since it was last tuned, where you live and your phone number(s), please. You may also include your best days of the week and times of day for a tuning appointment. Email is the best method for contacting Sheila to schedule an appointment. Emails sent on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, will not be read until the week following.

 There are some months of the year when we are less available to take accept new customers. Here's an idea of what our tuning schedule is like during the year, in case you are wondering why we didn't return your email or phone call immediately:

January: Salem College, UNCSA Dance, UNCSA Community Music School.
February: regular private customers who have been using our services yearly; may be able to accept new customers during this month.
March: WSSU, WSPTA concerts, Salem College concerts, churches, regular private customers; may be able to accept new customers during this month.
April: Salem College concerts, piano recitals, churches for Easter services, regular private customers; can accept new customers.
May: Spring concerts at several schools. regular private customers; can accept new customers.
June: UNCSA Dance summer session, Governor's School at Salem College, spring concerts, private regular customers and new customers.
July: Private regular customers and new customers. We often take vacation time during this month, too.
August:  Salem College, UNCSA Dance, UNCSA Community Music School, Carolina Summer Music Festival concert series
September: Churches (choirs are starting back up!), piano teachers, regular private customers; can usually accept new customers.
October: WSSU, regular private customers, can accept new customers.
November: Fall concerts at all colleges where we service pianos, some church tunings for Thanksgiving services and the beginning of Advent; may be able to accept new customers.
December: Church tunings for Christmas services, some college concert tunings, many regular private customers; will take new customers if our schedules allow it.

Various others institutional clients are customers of ours...several retirement homes, nursing homes and recording studios use our services, as well.

So, you see, we stay quite busy! We love what we do and we try to take new clients when possible, but after almost 29 years of being in business, we have developed a wonderful and loyal clientele and may not be able to take a new client immediately. We will try, however! Please note that there are some months which are usually better for accepting new clients.
Music Carolina SummerFest and Music Carolina WinterFest: Music Carolina

Recommended Reading for Piano Enthusiasts
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Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand, by James Barron (narrative)
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, by Thad Carhart (memoir)
The Piano Tuner, by Daniel Mason (novel)
A Romance on Three Legs, by Katie Hefner (Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano)

Facebook page: Hunter Piano 
Sheila's photo blog of pianos on location: tunergrrl.wordpress.com