Each summer, The Hunter-HHMI USE Program sends undergraduates to the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, MA for unique off-campus research opportunities. Eligible applicants are undergraduates (Biology Major I) who have completed the first year of biology (BIOL 100, 102) and Molecular Biology & Genetics (BIOL 203).  Chosen students will spend 10 weeks, working on original research with MBL faculty and CSHL faculty. The program provides a stipend, room and board, and transportation.  The goal is to increase the interest of our undergraduates in a research career.

We have sent our undergraduates to these research institutions for summer research.

Applications for Summer Internships at Marine Biological Laboratory
Applications are due by 1/21/2015.

Please click on ABS to view abstracts of interns' work during the summer.

Off-campus Summer Interns (2009)

  • Danielle Feldman @ Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, NY   ABS
  • Megan Kelley @ MBL, Woods Hole, MA     ABS

  • John Bernstein @ MBL, Woods Hole, MA     ABS   
  • Marija Saparauskaite @ MBL, Woods Hole, MA     ABS
  • Lauren Witter @ MBL, Woods Hole, MA     ABS
  • Forest Ray @ Columbia University, New York, NY     ABS

Off-campus Summer Interns (2008)

  • Cindy Puente University of California at Berkeley     ABS

  • Alena Leitman @ MBL, Woods Hole, Mass.    ABS
  • Diana Li @ MBL, Woods Hole, Mass.    ABS
  • Alena Sergaeva @ MBL, Woods Hole, Mass.    ABS
  • Linda Molla @ MBL, Woods Hole, Mass.    ABS
  • Forest Ray @ Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY    ABS


Undergraduate Summer Interns

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