Hunter's Sheffield

Explore the Sheffield of Joseph Hunter, the city’s first historian, with this self-guided walk around the town centre.

Follow in Hunter’s footsteps as he tours Sheffield at the end of the 1700s.

Discover the lost places and hidden histories of the city’s streets.

Visit Sheffield’s Paradise Square, see the city’s first non-conformist chapel, and the sites of the old town hall and its first coffee house.

This trail is based on a guided tour created, researched, written and led by Ruth Morgan for the Society’s centenary weekend in May 2012.

PDF Leaflet Tour

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MP3 Audio Tour

You can download an audio tour version of the trail. This is an audio mp3 album which you can save onto your computer and listen to using Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can copy the album on to an mp3 player, iPod or smartphone to follow the trail. Each stop on the trail is an individual mp3 audio track in the album.

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Start: In front of the Town Hall and turn to your right down Surrey Street. Distance: 1.5 miles / 2.5km. Time: 1 hour Access: The whole trail avoids steps.