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 ICT & IWB tips for teachers

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For Teachers (and parents)

Use the links below to search for resources by subject, level, resource type, etc.

TIP! Recommended searches are highlighted...
PINK = teacher resources / IWB.
GREEN = student interactives - IWB / PC.

Printables and tools - sorted by subjects, themes, etc.  Requires membership for full access, but there are plenty of free resources, such as a free Sudoku tool where you can customise your own picture doku according to topic.
Links to sites and games. The "Cool Spots" section is quite useful.


BBC KS2 Bitesize
A source of quality resources for literacy and numeracy designed for ages 7-11, but there are some great resources that would benefit slightly younger students also.
BBC KS1 Bitesize
is designed for ages 5-7.


Coxhoe Primary School's website
Wow! Choose a subject area from the green curriculum section for many, many links recommended by this school in the UK.


Educational interactive resources for ages 6-7.
For ages 8-11 click here.

Crickweb: NUMERACY
Educational interactive resources for ages 6-7.
For ages 8-11 click here


A simple social bookmarking site. What's social bookmarking? Watch this video: 



Digital Learning Resources
Teachers and schools can access materials from The Learning Federation via their location's portal. These online resources were developed for Australia and New Zealand.

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Click below for:

Western Australia

New Zealand

Google Advanced Search for Flash files
Find some of the best visual and interactive resources by searching for .swf files via Google. You need to type filetype:swf next to your usual search.
(Note: The results may look rather messy, but you can often find a gem. Things will start improving after a recent agreement between Google and Yahoo with Adobe to improve this.)


ict games: Numeracy games
Links to lots of great numeracy games. A favourite has been Counting Cars, but there are many great activities here to choose from. Highly recommended.


K-2 Student Interactives
Lots to do here - from the Utah Education Network. Also here are 3-6 Student Interactives and 7-12 Student Interactives.


Links to heaps of child-friendly sites.


Online stories to choose from and plenty of good printables for learning letters, phonics, etc.


KnowledgeBox Math
Some good activities here, particularly if you scroll down to the games listed under Big Count Bayou.


Learning Page
Recommended by parents. Free registration provides access to many printable worksheets.


Online maths practice requiring annual subscription (approx. $99). Recommended, but requires assistance.


Math Playground
Practise your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!
A great video here is:



Heaps of links to maths activities - grouped extremely well into areas of maths. Recommended.


National Grid for Learning (UK)
Now I'm really giving my secrets away! Designed for teachers, there are some great resources here. Find what you're after (best to look for "an interactive resource" in the description) and click "Open this resource". Examples: Wordmaker CVC, Writing Stories and Count on me
Level guide: Early Years = Pre-school;
KS1 = ages 5-7; KS2 = ages 7-11

Northumberland Teaching and Learning website
Search by subject for interactives from this UK grid for learning. KS1 (Key Stage 1) refers to ages 5-7, and KS2 is generally ages 7-11.


Thousands of ideas for enriching mathematics. A site by Cambridge Uni. Use the SEARCH field to find ideas for Stage 1 & 2 (Primary), such as the 100 square jigsaw.


Lots of maths practice. Click on the button "MAGNIFY ACTIVITY".


Primary Resources
Heaps of resources to be found here - submitted by teachers. Excellent for just about anything! Highly recommended. 


(Password required)
Interactive maths for all primary levels. Used in class.   


Scholastic Online Activities
Choose from a range of age groups and subject areas.


An absolute gem of a website - full of links to activities and grouped very clearly.


An educational search engine for teachers and parents.

Victorian Education Channel - Primary
Child-friendly sites to choose from.


Woodlands Interactive Activities for Kids
Many links to maths, literacy, science and online stories. Brilliant!


Create fantastic word clouds! The more often a word is typed into the text, the larger that words appears. For a space between words, use the tilde ~ .
For more info, download this pdf.