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Other websites


A great place to create printable certificates and greeting cards. Adult help is most likely required. Many themes to choose from.


ABC Kids: Games Centre
Some great games here, including the much-loved Mixy's Cubby Game.



ABC Kids: The Playground
Links to websites of individual show - with games and activities to choose from.


The ultimate brain strain! The mouse works in reverse, so you need to turn your brain inside out to get the square to the finish.


Arthur games
A range of games based on this popular character.


A great 3D version of this old favourite.


BBC Schools 
and BBC Skillwise
Some good activities, especially Bitesize.


Bistro Stars
A fun little time-waster! Get three or more food items in a row.


A fun logic puzzle where you need to remove all but one of the blobs from the board by jumping over them.


A fantastic puzzle created by a Melbourne man. Get the block into the hole. Starts easy but gets very challenging!

Bodies Game
Match food from the 5 food groups to create your own character.


Chicken Game
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" A game similar to the old "Frogger" game.



Connect 4
Play against a friend or the computer to be the first to get four counters in a line.


Copy me! (Tweenies)
A great little song to sing-a-long to!


Countdown Timer
Especially handy for the classroom's IWB! Set the timer and the chosen music will start in the final seconds.


Coxhoe's Fun Stuff
A heap of fun games recommended by Coxhoe Primary School in the UK.


Crazy Cube
Connect the coloured markers from 3 sides of a cube.


Create a Ride
A real favourite! Design your car.


Crickweb: Games
Fun games to try. For pre-school games click here.


Don't Wake Kate!
Help D.W. find her way in the dark to get a drink. Watch out for noisy toys or you'll wake Kate! After each turn, another toy is added!


Lots of things to explore on this site from Pearson Ed.

hundreds of games and activities, as well as puzzles and printables. A fun one is Haunted Alphabet.


A game similar to "Rush Hour". Move the cars to clear a path and get the racing car out.


Great logic puzzles with hot cars!


Some great sing-a-longs for juniors.


KIDCYBER research
A fantastic site written and maintained by an Australian primary teacher and teacher-librarian. Great for teachers for IWBs and students for homework or school research.


Use the special blocks to slide, bounce and spring through 30 levels. Design your own for a friend to solve!


Let's Grovercise!
Get fit with Grover! OK!
If you're a Grover fan, here's a cute
GROVER RHYMING animation/interactive.


Mansion: Impossible
A game of buying and selling real estate at the right time!


Match the secret pattern of colours before your turns run out. (A black peg shows that you have a correct colour in a correct place. A white peg shows that you have a correct colour in the wrong place.) Another version of Mastermind can be found here..

Mechanical Madness
Choose the right pieces to build a machine that will carry the ball to the exit.


Mind Mapping Tool -

This one's for older students or teachers. Great tool for creating mind maps. Use Menu>Export to save as an image - either JPEG or use PNG if you want a transparent background.


Mixy's Cubby Game  *Not working for now*
Find the pieces to make the cubby. Very popular!


Games to play based on NickJr. programs.


PBS Kids
Games based on popular television programs.


Picture Doku
Fantastic! Sudoku for juniors! Very simple for the young ones to understand.


Pinky's Bowling
Control the angle and force of the bowling ball and see what you can score!


Random Name Picker
A great classroom tool for the IWB or anytime you want to type your own words and choose them at random. Type your words and click on "Fruit Machine".

Try to get all of the RayRay to stand. Quite a puzzle!


Seed Ball
Build the pipe using basic and advanced parts for the seed to travel along.


A variation on billiards. 


The classic memory game! Mimic the pattern of lights and sounds. How long can you last?


Spin the Black Circle
Use your keypad arrows to get the ball in the portal.


Splash Back
A slimy game of strategy! A personal favourite, but a terrible time-waster!


~~~WARNING! Large downloads~~~

Sportacus workout
Get fit with the superhero of LazyTown!

Want to colour and print Sportacus or Lazytown characters?

Lazytown games...
1: Get Up and Move (dance moves)
2: Superhero Challenge (board game)
3: SportsCandy Sprint (board game)
4: Pixels Brix

Nick Jr. RADIO has a Lazytown channel with lots of Lazytown music



The Apprentice: Ice Cream Shop
Can you earn at least $50 by filling the ice cream orders quickly?



Tinker Ball
Build your own invention to make the ball land in the bucket.


Train Trax
Rotate train track pieces to connect from one side to the other. Great game!

Wanted Poster
A simple way to make your own wanted poster. Fill in the name and write your own "wanted for..." caption.