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Literacy websites

ABC Adventure
Learn the letter names and get some keyboard skills too!

ABC Match

Match beginning letters to pictures. You can also print a hardcopy to play this memory game.



All About Me
A favourite from the Starfall website below.


Alphabet Antics

An e
asy letter game f
or learning about letters. I recommend choosing the HARD level (needs audio). Be sure to try lowercase too!


Alphabet puzzle & song
Can you click on the letters in alphabetical order before time runs out? If not, enjoy the karaoke song afterwards anyway!


Clueless Crossword
Use spelling patterns to work out which letters go where. No clues!


Coconut Words
A simple cloze reading game for the beginning reader.



CSI: Squeak Sneak
Canine Sniffer Intelligence! Find the missing toy by following the clues. Requires listening and reading skills!


Dance Mat Typing
Work through 12 stages to build typing skills. Typing skill is an important - but often overlooked - skill for children to develop.


Some great sing-a-longs for juniors.

Letter Blocks
Make words using the letter blocks!

Let's Write a Letter!
Letter-writing helper from AusPost. For an easier one, see Princess Patty's Post Office below.


Magnetic Letters

If you don't have
magnetic letters on your fridge, this is the perfect substitute!


Princess Patty's Post Office
A very simple letter-writing helper. Great for young children.


Prompt Generator
Looking for writing ideas? Look no further!


Punctuation Pop-up
Drag the correct punctuation into the correct places before your time is up!


Punctuation Splat
Choose the correct punctuation and fire it at the sentence.


Build a robot to collect things and take them back to Ruff. You'll need to do a lot of READING for this one!



A fantastic web
site that
we regularly use in class for teaching reading! Suits various levels. Must see!


Story Maker

Easy-to-use story creator. Great for creating/printing a personalised short story.


A challenging word game. Beat your opponent by having more of your letters on the board. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!


Syllables Factory
Count the syllables is the given words. Some words are a bit obscure, but this is a popular one.


Whack A Mole
The classic game, but moles must be hit in alphabetical order.


A close exercise useful for improving reading skills and developing vocabulary. 


Word Wiz
A simple fun game. Find letters to make words. The letters don't need to be together in the grid.


Writing Fun
If you're learning about a writing genre (text type) such as a recount, narrative, or information report, then this is for you! You can even open a writing organiser as a Word doc. By Jenny Eather.


Writing Runway
Great tool for sentence reconstruction. Best when an adult types a dictated sentence by the child.