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Hunt for educational websites!
The WEB has been HUNTED for you!
For every link provided, heaps more were tried and didn't make the cut!

Students, parents & teachers:
Find websites, games and educational resources! Make better use of your PC or Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).

Important notice...

While the links and programs provided have been tried and tested by a school teacher (and mum), it is strongly advised that parents monitor children's computer usage at all times.
Websites may contain further links that lead to unsuitable content for children. 

All resources are owned by their respective copyrights. HUNTEDWEB and its webmaster in no way lays claim to material externally produced.
HUNTEDWEB provides links to online materials. If requested by the owner of any externally produced material, a link to a resource will be removed or modified accordingly.
HUNTEDWEB was created for solely educational purposes.