Humble Beginnings.......

This 2004 KTM 950 has endured some hardship by the previous owner. The owner decided that he was going to rebuild the engine, and improve a few things along the way. His plans, according to some family members, was to get the bike setup for a cross country expedition sort of ride. Unfortunately, for him, he began to have relationship issues with his girlfriend. So, his plans changed and the bike was left in pieces, as you can see from this pic....

parts, parts and more parts

Bunch of new parts that are waiting to be installed

And I got a bunch of tools along with this purchase.....

yup, it's gonna need some work.....

Because I don't know the previous owner's ability to handle a torque-wrench, nor his ability to follow instructions when putting an engine together, I'm going to tear the engine back down to inspect everything. So, once the bike is on the lift I'll start pulling things apart.

Some of the upgrades for this bike will be:
Here is a list of modifications that can be performed on these types of bikes

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