6 ears of corn
salt & pepper to taste
cayenne & chili powder to taste

Soak in the corn in water for about 30 minutes. This will help keep the husks from burning on the grill. Peel back the outer layers and remove them, leave enough of the inner layers attached so that the corn can still be covered by the husk. Remove all of the silk.
Rub with butter and season with salt and pepper. Cover the corn with the husks, use some of the softer pieces to tie them shut.
Grill for 20 minutes on a medium high heat, be sure to shut the lid. Turn them over about half way through. Carefully pull back the husks and put the corn directly on the grill to char it a little. Tie back the husks (they make a convenient handle) and slather with mayonnaise, dust evenly with parmesan, sprinkle with cayenne and chili powder.

*You could also use crema fresca and queso fresco instead of the mayo / parmesan.