Opening Ceremony

Aviva and Storm guide you and Jordan to your designated chariot.  When it is time to go your horses fall into numerical order by District.  The ride through the City Circle lasts around twenty minutes.  It seems strange to you that these people cheer so loudly for the tributes and seem to get attached to them knowing that twenty-three of the twenty-four children who enter the arena will be dead in a matter of weeks.
The chariot comes to a stop at President Snow's house.  The crowd goes silent as music begins to play, it is the national anthem and the Capitol citizens soon join in.  When it has concluded, Snow gives a speech about the games.  You pay little attention to Snow but rather to how extravagant his mansion is; it is easily the largest house you have ever seen.
Soon the chariot begins moving again and within five minutes you stand before your new and possibly last home, the Training Center.