Each tribute must undergo a three minute interview with Ceaser Flickerman which will be broadcast throughout the entire nation of Panem. 
Azar has been advising you to play up your personality style and character traits to the fullest. The usual types of attitudes and traits people portray are sweet, ruthless, cunning, giggly, nervous, bitter, or any combination of those traits.
Knowing that you are completely ignorant of this process due to your recent arrival in the country, Azar was able to get a copy of the questions Ceaser plans on asking  to help you through this process, look over them and prepare your repsonses.
Azar reminds you that these inteviews can mean the difference between life and death as it can sway sponsors to support you instead of your opponents. Choose your persona wisely and spend time contemplating the answers to your interview questions.
Jared Speight,
Jul 29, 2011, 1:14 PM