Welcome to the Hunger Games Training Exercise!
Throughout this activity you will live the life of a tribute selected in the reaping for the Hunger Games.  You will ride to the Capitol on the train with your fellow tribute, Jordan.  After arriving, you will live the life (however short it may be) of a Tribute in Panem: undergoing a Capitol-style makeover, attend the Opening Ceremony for the Hunger Games, train with your mentor (Azar) and the Game Makers, attend a private training session to be rated, interviewed, and thrown into the arena where you will have a one in twenty-four chance of coming out alive.
Throughout your journey you will be required to complete certain training activities to better prepare you for the Games. You will need all the preparation you can get for inside the arena it is either life or death and there are no second chances.
Good luck and 'may the odds ever be in your favor'.