This is a sample page.

The advantages of using Google to host your website is that you know they are not going anywhere.

Google will be in business tomorrow and for a very long time.

The disadvantages are that they force you to do a funky redirect if you want to use a top level domain name, and you only have limited control over the url for your pages.  So if you have a current site and some of your pages are ranked in the search engine, if you switch to Google for your free host your going to lose your pages and you have to create new url's for all your pages.

If your starting a new site, then this may not be that big of a deal.

you can insert images like the one above from another webpage, so you don't have to first download then upload the image someplace. This makes it a lot faster to insert images, and you can also wrap the text around the image with one click, so that's a nice feature.