Dear Colleagues and Fellow Students,

On behalf of the organizers we invite you to participate in the 1st Hungarian Neuroscience Meeting for Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Junior Post-Docs.

This meeting is organized as a satellite event of the IBRO Workshop 2016 (Budapest) and is supported by the Hungarian Neuroscience Society.

The aim of the conference is to create a relaxed atmosphere where students can present and discuss their data and share their ideas.

Making other researchers enthusiastic about our work is one of the key elements of success in science. It is crucial to learn not just to be confident as a presenter, but also to find the right way to tune our message to the audience to get optimal feedback.

During a conference organized by students, for students, we can test ourselves and help each other, not only to improve our understanding of our own field, but to also gain an extended view of neuronal research on a larger interdisciplinary scale.

If the first meeting will be successful then we aim to continue this initiative as a one day satellite to the main Neuroscience Meeting in Hungary. We hope that many of you will join us and take part in the making of a new tradition.

See you there!

the Organizers