Everyone is expected to prepare an A4 sized mini poster to bring to the conference. The format and amount of information shown in the posters should be tailored to its size, so please do not use a shrunken version of an old poster. The poster sessions will be happening during lunch breaks so you will have the chance to talk about your current interests in small groups.

Our aim with this is to initiate discussions and to force you to explain your work to people not necessarily familiar with your topic. It requires you to think over your work, put it into context and find a way to make it understandable. Keep in mind that the technical details that are obvious to you can be new to others, and the important questions of your field do not sound relevant if you omit explaining them. So please make an effort to prepare and use a lot of figures, and only the necessary amount of text. Click here for two mini poster examples.

Clues for the mini poster session:
  • The poster session will be happening during lunch.
  • Have more copies of the mini poster. You might need them if you like making sketches during discussion. 
  • You can use both side of the paper if you really need to for 'supplementary figs'.
  • You can present your poster on a tablet in no more than two (with 'supplementary data') pages. Be fair and do not make a presentation.
Location of the mini poster session and lunch:
  • Café Paulus (5 minutes walk from the Szentágothai Research Center)

Two mini poster examples: