To Andorra






Marcel, Gaston and Neddy

Aunt Humperdink's Perfumery


Before we leave for Andorra, Juan's uncle, Marcel, wanted to deliver some petals to Aunt Humperdink's perfumery in Grasse, unfortunately Gaston, his old dog, wasn't quite strong enough to pull the fully laden cart by himself, so Marcel borrowed Neddy for the journey.



While they head for the Alpes-Maritimes, I visited my old friend, Blancheflour, who lives in one of the rock dwellings on the river Loire. Her home consist of a cavern, the entrance to which is blocked by a wall containing doors and windows, and is very comfortable.


 La grenouille entière


Juan caught up with me here and, before we leave for Andorra, Blancheflour very kindly cooks us a large and tasty frog. Frog's legs, enjoyed by all French people, are a superb delicacy but Juan, having a great appetite, prefers to eat the entire creature.