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Segment xvii


We slept through the night of the back of the moth
The Carrig moth, Molka-Ragoon.
She swept us through caverns, over great aching chasms
Deep underground, in the caves of Lyann.
The spectres of Dun were dispersed by her wings,

The ghouls of Zag-Velt and other dark beings
Fled through the darkness and offered no harm
Warmed by her breath, her sweet smelling breath
We snuggled down deep in the moth's golden hair
All this time sleeping, dreaming of sunlight,

Dreaming of stars we had left far behind,
Of the woods and the fields and the birds and the streams,
Far from the dankness of this cave's ancient air.

I awoke only once on that long sweeping voyage
And spotted Gyle-fire through sleepy shut eyes.
Before I could shout or point out the danger

Molka-Ragoon had borne us away.
My sister lay hid, curled up beside me,
Troubles now lost in sleep's trusting smile.
Molka-Ragoon sensed my alertness,

Felt my small movements and stilled her great wings.
"Sleep now”. She whispered, "Lie down and sleep”.
We drifted in silence while I stroked her soft back,
Pulled her fur round me and drifted away,
To the sound of the caves and echoing darkness..
To Molka's heart beating..
And dreams of the day.


Segment xxii

 Oh they are gone now, the child of the trees, the sister of Sun.
Oh they are gone now, passed from our knowing.
The ground understands, the plants have ceased growing.
Oh they are gone now, torn from our sight
Dark the rain sweeps through gathering night
The great cavern tree, roots churned asunder
Lies here and dies here where once golden thunder
Roared from our throats with greetings of love
Where Molka-Ragoon circled above
And two sleepy children, a girl and a boy,
Looked down with delight as we wept tears of joy.
Oh they are gone now, the child of the trees, the sister of Sun.
Despair beats upon me and all of my clan
We could not protect them, the children of Man.
The great Carrig moth is wounded and lost,
The caverns grow colder, breath turns to frost.
Oh, they are gone now, are gone now, are gone now.
Summer has ended, winter has come