Before you design a comic you need to have a look and read some comics.
Now that you have read some. Think about  the following aspects:

 Narrative  Language  Visual
 Read this article and watch this video. In the first part you learn how to write a good comic.Write down the five steps you need to follow.

Before you start writing, plan your writing following these steps.

o    Who are the characters?

o    What is the plot?

o    When and where does your comic take place?

o    Try to have something funny in your plot.

o    What events take place?

This diagram of how to write a story will help you

  • When you write a comic, do you use    dialogues or descriptions?
  • Of course, you know the answer:  Dialogue. Click here and you  will see comic strips of Calvin and Hobbes with a lot of dialogue examples or you can read one example on this page.
  • Onomatopeia: you can read a lot of examples on this webpage. Choose five onomatopeia words from the list, exchange them with your partner and try to guess the words he/she has chosen. You can also watch the video  to learn how to use them. 
  In comics we use bubbles  to express different things: speech, thought, movement, metaphors...Here you can see some.In the attached document you have a short but clear explanation of how to use them.