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Frozen Windows
Thanks to Tony H.

Wife by text to husband at work :-
"Windows  frozen up - what will I do?"
Husband :-
"Spray some de-icer, or  hot water on !"
Wife a few minutes later :-
"Done that, now computer won't work at all”.

Smoking and Drinking - Alf Garnett
Thanks to Tony H.

Smoking and drinking

More Beautiful Pictures
Thanks to Lee


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Unbelievable Signs
Thanks to Ray O'.
signs 1
signs 2

signs 3
signs 4

signs 5
signs 6

signs 7
signs 8

signs 9
signs 10

signs 11
signs 12

signs 13
signs 14

signs 15
signs 16

Eagle doing breast stroke
Thanks to Lee

Swimming eagle

Montserat, Catalonya
Thanks to Lee


Dream Cars
Thanks to Tony H.


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