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Welcome to the Hummersknott Allotments and Smallholdings Association Ltd web site. We are a privately allotment society owned by our members and run by a group of volunteers. The allotment site covers 4.42 acres in the Hummersknott / Mowden area of Darlington. The society came into being on the 1st May 1917. Before this the area was the kitchen garden and orchard for Hummersknott Hall. For more about our history please see the "Our History" page.

If you are interested in joining us please see the "Getting an allotment" page.

IMPORTANT - Allotments rewrite

From Derek Lindsay:

"At the AGM in March 2017 I undertook to conduct a review of the association rules with the intention of streamlining and updating what we have been using since 1995. Dennis Horley, Paul Wattam, Jean and I have carried out the work and are almost at the stage of having the first draft ready for further consideration.

"To proceed, we would like to invite two association members who are not committee members to join us for the second stage of the review. If you are interested and able to give a few hours of your time to help with this important job, please contact Dennis (by Sat 25 November) at secretary@knottyplots.uk or on 01325 244496 and we will take it from there.

"I anticipate that we should be able to complete the second stage during early December, after which we would like the two volunteers to remain with us while we consider the second draft with the full committee. Eventually, we will provide the third draft to all members in advance of the AGM (or an SGM) in March 2018. Assuming we can reach agreement, the final version will have to be presented to the Financial Conduct Authority for approval. This all may seem like a long, tortuous route but it should ensure that we will have enabled every member to have the potential to influence and help to achieve a satisfactory outcome in an orderly manner. We will also be reviewing our by-laws and would like the two volunteers to assist with that task, probably in January."

Centenary commemorative film

We are pleased to advise that our Centenary commemorative film is now available to members who want it.

You can get your copy in two formats - either on a DVD or on a USB storage device (the USB version is full High Definition).

To get a DVD - simply send me your address via Facebook or email me at Paul.Wattam@hotmail.co.uk

If you prefer a USB version - you will need to provide a USB device with a minimum 3.5GB of free space. Pop the USB into a padded envelope (or pop it in a normal envelope, but wrap it up well in kitchen paper). Please write your name & address on the envelope. You can either give this to me in person or alternatively, mark it for my attention and leave it on the table in the Top Pavilion.