The Hummelstown Beer Nutz is an organization based in the Hummelstown, PA area focused on the following ideals:
  • Promote appreciation and education of beer
  • Encourage advocacy for beer in the Hummelstown area
  • Foster homebrewing in the Hummelstown area
  • Create camaraderie and a reason to get together and talk beer

The group meets monthly at members' houses to discuss different styles of beers, organize tastings, cover recent beer related news, and plan upcoming events .  Each month we have a specific style that members are encourage to seek out in the area and report back to the group on.  Recent styles include:

    January 2012:  Oatmeal Stout

    February 2012:  Belgian Blonde

    March 2012:  ESB

The group includes home brewers, beer enthusiasts and anyone interested in craft beer or learning about beer.  The Beer Nutz are active in planning events, organizing group purchases, and educating about home brewing.  To request more information, email the Hummelstown Beer Nutz at