A new menu for a new season.
Early fall is such a fantastic time for food! Tomatoes and Zucchini are loading up the vines (at last!), Fall lambs are ready to go the butcher, the pumpkins are getting fat, peppers are turning color, sunflowers are starting to droop, hazelnuts are ready to pick, herbs are looking just about perfect, goats are gettin frisky, apples are in abundance.... now stop reading & go eat!

Soup Du Jour
Putting the Stock Pot to work one soup at a time $6

Daily Greens Salad
Chef choice of fresh-as-can-be Veggies & Organic Greens  $7

Bread n’ Butter
A little loaf of house made Honey Milk Bread
with Savory Butters & Olive Tapenade $4

Local goat cheese rolled in green onion, walnut and red pepper.
  Served with sweet cherry tomato  relish, 

& deeeelishus homemade crackers $8

Avocado Bruschetta
Homemade bread served roasty toasty
with avocado mash, tomato basil piccalilli,
sweet balsamic reduction, & sea salt $7

Salt & Sweet
Thin & lovely prosciutto,
sweet & juicy market fruit,
smooth & sultry local brie...$8



Pork Chop of Awe & Wonder
Its true.
Sugar and Spice brined center-cut local pork chop
Topped with a compote of baked gravenstein apples & Brandy
Served mashed taters  $20

Pepper Pots
Sonoma Coast fall lamb
cooked with spices, sweets, & nuts,
served in a stuffed Red Pepper with Quinoa grain
& a pomegranate molasses reduction   $18

Dinner Pizza
Always changing always lovely.
 (Vegetarian options always available)  $M.V.

Vegetable & Goat Cheese Galette
A little fall pie to call your own.
 Fresh garden herbs , veggies,mashed taters, & local goat cheese
all baked up in a buttery crust,
with a dollop of pepper cream to top it all off.
Served with a nice green salad  $17

The Farmers Supper
Bountiful Fare for a King of the Fields: An Organic Green Salad,
A selection of fine Cheeses, fresh fruit, & Olive Tapenade.
Served with a House Made loaf of Milk & Honey Bread $ 14
Add Prosciutto $3
Pumpkin-Apple  sausages  made just for you
by Yanni & Francesca up the street.
(winners of the Best Charcuterie at the Harvest Fair, dontcha know...)
Served with Homemade Apple kraut,
Fatherland Potatoes, & stone ground mustard









The best recipes we know are family recipes.   Family is a blending of the old and the new, old technique meeting new perspective at the dinner table.  Most everything at The Humble Pie is handmade. From the katchup to the tater tots, to the sweet pickles and the pie crust, it's all a labor of love.   Homemade things taste better our grandmothers would say, but they are also better for you, support local commerce and farming, and use less resources to produce.   

 The Humble Pie looks forward to seeing you at our table.