Welcome to Humble Designs Permaculture

Humble Designs Permaculture provides education in Permaculture. Permaculture courses bring together the best of traditional culture and contemporary advances in technology and agricultural practice, under an ethical design framework that is about caring for people, caring for the earth and caring for future generations.The course numbers are strictly limited to maximize each person's involvement in practical as well as theoretical work.  Read more 

Learn how to make a difference in your home, your life & your community on this 72-hour PDC.    

The syllabus will include: the ethics and the principles of permaculture; concepts and themes in design; reading your land and reading maps; design methods; Understanding and using patterns; climates and micro-climates; trees, waters and soils; plants and seeds; zones O-V: from homes to forests; farming; earth forms and earth works; tropical, dryland, humid and cold climates; working in other cultures; aquaculture; pest management and living with weeds; living with wildlife; designing for disaster; money, livelihood and community building. participate in a group design project. Read more   

$620 ($600 for Permaculture Sydney West members)

The Secret Garden (click for map), University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury (Richmond, NSW) and other venues.    

Dates and times
The course runs one day a week, usually Saturday, for 10 weeks. Classes are held 9am-6pm.

2013 Courses
Autumn PDC:  Begins late March
Winter PDC:  Begins July
Spring: Begins late September