Philip Mee Brief History

Philip Mee

Philip grew up in and around American Square Dancing. He attended his first club night as a week old baby, being the son of another caller, John Mee, and is the youngest regular club caller in the Yorkshire Federation area.
It was widely expected by many that he would take to calling, almost as soon as he had learnt to dance, but having graduated in 1991, he continued to just enjoy his dancing, at the MS and Plus levels, and provide the callers with assistance about record lyrics, and choreography, from the dance floor.
Whereas HSS other caller, Tony Metcalfe, has been calling sqaure dancing for many years, Philip, on the other hand, only started calling in 2007.
When the HSS previous caller, Gene Turner, announced that he would be giving up calling for the club on a regular basis, and after much cajoling and encouragement from him, Philip reluctantly picked up the microphone, and soon discovered that he enjoyed himself. Philip then continued to do guest tips for HSS most weeks, although not on a regular basis.
In the summer of 2009, Philip attended the GSI Caller School programme, and was tutored by seven of the world's best caller coaches.
On New Years Eve 2009, Philip was the 'billed' caller, along with Emma Horsfield, for the Yorkshire Federation New Years Eve dance, this was his first ever dance as the main caller for a 'non club night' dance.
Although very nervous, and apprehensive, the event was a success with all tickets having sold prior to the event, and the majority of the dancers having enjoyed themselves, and their dancing to Philip and Emma.

Since the dance on New Years Eve, 2009, Philip has been booked to call a Plus level dance for the Harmony Squares in June 2010, this dance will again be co -called by Emma Horsfield, and Philip is looking forward to another entertaining evening!?!?!

Since returning from the GSI Caller School programme, in June 2009, Philip has taken up being the club caller, along with Tony. With club night calling being shared out between both the callers.

In March 2010, when HSS began its recruitment drive for new members, Philip got his first experience of a 'hoedown', or 'fun' evening, and has since been teaching the 5 squares of new members to square dance.

Although, Philip always said that that he didn't have the confidence, or experience, to 'teach' new dancers, it has so far been a very rewarding experience. Philip now feels that the 'teaching' of new poeple is something that all 'new' callers should experience, along with a  Caller School programme!!