Welcome to the Encyclopedia of the Cornell Human Sexuality Collection

Please be advised that some of this content is sexually explicit and may be considered Not Safe For Work.

This is a wiki project for a first-year writing seminar ENGL1105: Sluts, Spinsters, and Drag Queens at Cornell University in collaboration with the Human Sexuality Collection located in the Kroch Rare Books Library.

Thanks to Brenda Marston, curator of the Human Sexuality Collection. 

(Header image is Gustav Klimt's "Water Serpents II" (1907))

Instructor: Xine Yao 

Contributors (Fall 2012)
Deedee Akpaete
Lauren Barabash
Amber Bornt
Mackenzie Brennan
Valerie Hu
Mack Hwang
Tim Lai
Joel Lawson
Morgan Marin
Allie Meng
Nicole Milligan
Luis Restrepo
Julia Smith
Melody Soto
Ashley Storey
Jasmine Wratten
Alicia Wu