Women's Rights

Rights of Women


1.      Right to own a property

2.      Right to live with dignity

3.      freedom from fear and violence

4.      Freedom from exploitation and abuse

5.      Right to vote, hold public office and exercise functions established under national laws

6.      Right to participate in the formulations of public policy and perform functions at all levels of government

7.      Right to equal treatment before the law

8.      Reproductive right and freedom to decide the number and gap of bearing children

9.      Right to nationality

10.  Protection from sufferings, heavy losses, repression and cruel treatment during armed conflict situation and ravage of war





1.      Ratification of the U.N. convention in the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against and the Philippine commitment to the Nairobi Forward looking strategies for the Advancement of Women

2.      Passage of laws that deal with issues concerning women

3.      Establishment of the National Commission on the Role Filipino Women (NCRGW) which serves as the national machinery for women in the Philippines

4.      Setting up of Women’s Desk in Police Station and other Government offices

5.      Setting up of centers for abused women’s