Rights of Elderly



In the traditional Filipino families the elderly are looked up with respect and reverence.  They stay their families for as long as they want to which may be attributed to strong family bonds.  This is one Filipino trait which you cannot always find in other cultures.  In most countries, elders are placed in institution.


In the Philippines, there are rarely record of physical and mental abuse among elderly people, however, the plight of the elderly mendicants roaming around the cities needs to be attended to.



Rights of the Elderly


  1. Right to reside their home as long as possible
  2. Right for their need and limitations
  3. Right to have access to free health / medical care
  4. Right to special and appropriate care
  5. Right to immediate aid in the event of disaster and emergencies
  6. Right to live in an environment which is safe and adaptable to personal preferences and changing  capacities
  7. Right to opportunities for work or access to other income generating opportunities
  8. Right to remain integrated in the society
  9. Right to organize
  10. Right to pursue opportunities for the full development of their potentials
  11. Freedom from exploitation and physical or mental abuse





  1. Establishment of national federation of Senior Citizens of the Philippines (NFSCAP)
  2. devolution of total family approach program
  3. SEA Family enterprise
  4. Community service to the elderly through some NGO organizations
  5. establishment of the homes for the aged in various regions
  6. passage of RA 7432 which provides for the establishment of the Senior Citizens affairs in the cities and municipalities
  7. passage of RA 7876 know as the Senior Citizens Acts Establishing day care centers for the senior citizens in every municipalities……