Rights of Detainees



As provided for the Constitution.  ‘The State values the dignity of every human  person and guarantees full respect for human rights”.  An individual, through in Prison does not lose his inherent rights to dignity and his other human rights regardless of what he or she may have done or whatever political convictions he may have.



  1. Right to be free from personal abuse and right to be protected against the following:
    1. any deprivation of his basic needs under normal situation
    2. corporal punishment

               a. use of physical force

               b. solitary confinement or segregation as positive measures


    1. Right to Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) for good behavior
    2. Right to have access to the following as far as practicable:

a.       medicine and health services

b.      rehabilitation program

c.       visitation( conjugal) and mail services

d.      free legal services and materials

    1. Right to exercise his religious beliefs
    2. Right to air grievances and complain through proper authorities
    3. Right of women offenders to be personally attended/supervised by women officer, without prejudiced to male doctors, nurses and social welfare officers from carrying out their professional duties in the institution for women
    4. Right of foreign nationals to communicate with their diplomatic and consular representative





  1. upgrading of prison facilities
  2. strengthening rehabilitation strategies
  3. decongestion of prison / jails
  4. PD 28 and Act establishing Seven regional Prisons and Converting Existing National Penal Institutions into Regular Prisons and Penal forms
  5. transfer of prisoner to other prisons where opportunities for rehabilitation are better and prison conditions are less congested
  6. PD 698 as amended, Known as the Adult probation Law
  7. provision of education and training for inmates at the Medical Security Cpd., WBP
  8. Passage of RA 6975, Department of local Interior and Local Government Act of 1990 which provided for the creation of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
  9. Creation of the assistance and Visitorial Services by Commission on Human Rights to Monitor Jails and Detention Centers in the Country.