Right of Youth



R.A. 8044, or the Youth in nation Building Act, defined youth as persons belonging to the 15-30 age range.  More than 20% of the population belongs to this sector.  Youth is categorized in four ways: The in-school youth and out-of-school youth, working and special youth.


  1. Right Equality
  2. Right to Education
  3. Right to Organize
  4. Right to participate in youth programs and policy development
  5. Right to actively participate in the task of nation-building
  6. Right to be brought-up in the spirit of peace, justice, freedom, mutual respect and understanding




  1. enactment by Congress of Laws concerning the protection of youth
  2. review and amendment of laws concerning the protection of rights of youth
  3. legislative studies on strategies to increase the youths access to relevant and quality education by wat of distance and education and home- study program, creation of new schools and imposition of a higher budgetary priority for educations
  4. drafting and passage of an act which would be an enabling mechanism for the guidelines in the conduct of School Rallies and other Students Mass Action defining the actions of law enforces
  5. institutionalization of student representation in school boards and others policy making bodies
  6. strengthening and establishment of school system for youth in especially difficult circumstances, specially, youth of indigenous cultural communities and youth in situations of armed conflict, taking into the consideration the prevailing circumstances in which these systems would be applied
  7. establishment of implementing and coordinating mechanism between schools and law enforcement bodies through which Anti-Hazing Law would be better implemented
  8. strengthening and establishment and monitoring structures in communities and schools through which drug and substance abuse may be reduced or which will reduce drug-related violence involving youth people both as offenders and victims

Republic Acts and Executive Orders etc issued on youth Protections and Promotions

R.A  No.  8044
R.A. No.  7722
R.A. No.  7796
R.A. No.  6655
R.A. No.  6425
R.A. No.  7079
P.D. No.  603