Duterte signs amendments to the Revised Penal Code

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From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the proposed consultative committee to revise the 1987 Constitution

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Duterte signs amendments to the Revised Penal Code

Malacanan released today, August 31, Republic Act (R.A.) No. 10951 amending RA No. 3815 otherwise known as the Revised Penal Code (RPC).

The fifty-page law with 102 sections consists of provisions adjusting the amount or value of property and damage on which a penalty is based and fines imposed.

Some of the adjustments on the value of property and damage pertain to crimes against property, such as theft and estafa.

In addition, fines are increased on certain crimes against national security, such as treason and crimes against public order, such as rebellion and sedition.

In case of treason, “any Filipino citizen who levies war against the Philippines or adheres to her enemies, giving them aid or comfort within the Philippines or elsewhere, shall be punished by reclusion perpetua to death and shall pay a fine not to exceed P4 million,” stated R.A. No. 10951.

Some of the adjustments on the value of property and damage pertain to crimes against property, such as theft and estafa.

In theft cases under the RPC, the value of stolen property has increased. Similarly, in estafa cases, the value of the fraud has increased.

The maximum fine for light penalties under the RPC, which carry imprisonment of “a minimum of one (1) day to a maximum of six (6) months” is increased from P200 to P40,000.

On the other hand, fines for correctional penalties, which carry a prison term of “a minimum of six months and one day to 12 years” is increased from a minimum of P200 to a maximum of P6000, is increased to a minimum of P40,000 to a maximum of P1.2 million under the new law.

Fines that exceed P6,000, considered afflictive penalties, carry an imprisonment of a minimum of 12 years and 1 day to a maximum of 20 years. Said fines are set at an amount greater than P1.2 million.

Fines previously set with maximum amounts of P5,000, P10,000, and P20,000, on the other hand, are increased to maximum amounts of P1 million, P2 million, and P4 million, respectively.##PCO-Content

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