Peace Talks - MILF Editorial - On Miracle

posted Nov 25, 2011, 11:05 PM by Human Rights Promotions

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(November 22-30)

Miracle is act or event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature; it is an amazing event or action that is extraordinary, or unexpected. It is regarded as an act of God.

For believers of God, there is nothing unusual in this. God is omnipotent and He can do everything and all things.

The MILF firmly subscribes to this view, for not to believe in miracle is a denial of God’s omnipotence. But poking one’s mind into the realm of beyond comprehension is to engage in fantasy that creates exaggerated mental images leading to an eerie situation.  Man’s mind is too limited and it is bound by time and space. This is the reason why Islam prohibits Muslims to indulge in comprehending the nature of God. Who is only known by names or attributes, not by any physical description, say, man is created in the image of God. For Muslims, this is blasphemy!

But while we always seek divine intervention and guidance to show us the seeratal mustaqheem or the Straight Path, it is not strictly in the mold of a miracle, because the whole creation including the universe is already a miracle. He had already made complete laws, which science calls natural law, wherein all creations must subscribe to and obey willingly, except man, who sometimes uses his rationality or irrationality to defy His commandments including denying His existence.

However, if this belief is doing thing not in the proper way or contrary to agreed template and still expect miracle to happen, it is distortion. What to expect and get is the miracle of failure. Even the philosophical concept of causality (also written as cause-effect or cause/effect), though not an absolute rule, because of God’s omnipotence, the desired end is largely determined by man’s action. Man shall reap what he has sown; or in Islam, man shall have nothing but what he strives for.

There is no magic formula in the current GPH-MILF peace negotiation in finding a lasting, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the Moro Question and the armed conflict in Mindanao.

Unless the parties abide by signed agreements and faithfully observe the principle of continuity, they can expect no miracle in the end.  Instead, it only leads the parties to more complications and contradictions after all issues are already laid in the negotiating table.

The truth is that in this current negotiation the positions of the parties are reduced to hard but simple concretes: MILF wants a substate, the GPH offers integration. The MILF had already mellowed down its position from “option to secede” to simply real self-governance, but the GPH insists on integration, couched or sprinkled with misleading labels like “partnership”.

Can we expect a miracle out of this situation?

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