Human Rights Abusers

Human Rights Abusers
From Human Rights Advocacy Promotion's Examples

A.  Who can Abuse Violates and Liable on Human Rights violations?

-         The Human Rights are broad in scope unlike the simple crimes

                                    can be committed by anyone not 18 years below under Revised Penal


                 " Human Rights is not Just Government officials or Police who can

                           violates and abuse Human Rights, and Human rights is not just for a

                                  person accused or charged of crimes by the police. "


  1. Any Person not below 18 years of Age can violates Human Rights.


           1. Private Person or Any Individuals

                Example:       By Standers

                                   Self Working

                                   Men or Women’s                          

  2. Employee

               Example:  Any Employee of XYZ Corporations or any Company          

  3. Government officials and Employees

               1.  Enforcers

               2.  Politicians – Official in the Government

a.  Senator

b.  Mayor

c.  Etc….


               3.   Official of Any Government Agency

                              A. Secretary of Defense

                               B. Director of DPWH


               4.   Government Employees

                                A.  Manager of Government controlled corporations…..

   4.  Company

              Example: XYZ Corporations

   5.  The Government

           Example:  Philippine Government


   6. Groups / Organizations / Armed Groups

           Example:   Rebel Groups


B.     How the Person Violates and Abuse Human Rights?


1.      Abuse of Authority

         Examples are:

A.     Government Officials Abuses

1.       Extrajudicial killings

             - The suspect or any person are killed without due process

                    and the death penalty are abolish……

2.       Torture

3.       Detained Forcely and Illegal Detentions

4.       Illegal arrest

5.       The Rights of Person under this are explanatory on the Rights Given to everyone……

                                                 1.  Example: Rights of Person Under Tactical Interrogations

                                                                             They can be abuse by Torture, secret

                                                                                        Detentions Etc……

B.     Private Individuals or Person

1.       They can abuse authority over the Family and Child's in the Family.             

                 1.  Domestic Violence  -  Violence to Wife and Child's

                          Example.  Cutting of Fingers of wife, making injuries

                                          to child's by Parents or Poster Parents

                                          or any guardian of the child's.....

                  2.  Force Employments of under 18 years of Age....

                  3.  Sexual Harassment's - Read Sexual Harassment Laws 

                   4. Psychological and Physical abuse on Child's          

                                                     Excessive Physical injuries, harming of child's

                                                     Excessive Fear and threats on child's......  


2.        The Private Individuals can abuse authority on abusing

                    Women’s and child's  any where.

                             1.   Sexual Harassment's

                             2.   Molestations of Child's and Women's

                             3.   Child Trafficking

                             4.   Slavery / white slavery / Prostitution                                                                  

                                      The abusers will charged of Human Rights Violations

                                      under the R.A. 7610 and R.A Bill for the Protections

                                      of Women's and R.A. on Sexual Harassment Law.

                                      Depend on the investigation they can be charged

                                      under the Revised Penal Code.....


          3.     Private Deputized Intelligence / Deputized Private Individuals

                         Private Person Volunteers in the Government Enforcement

                                        and Any Agency Etc.... 

                                     1.   Illegal Surveilance

                                     2.   Illegal Engagement on Policing

                                                Those Person could be an abuser abusing

                                                Human Rights on any innocent civilians on

                                                their authority and abuse the said

                                                examples over innocent civilians.                      

C.     Employee

1.       They can abuse authority by abusing subordinates in the


                  A.  Sexual Harassment

D.     Company

1.       The Company abuse of Authority on abusing their employees…..

                A. Overworked employees not giving enough salary…..

                               E.   Government

                                           1.  If the State and entire Government implement against
                                                     Human Rights they are Abusing Authority and can be
                                                     sanctions by United Nations CHR or Pursue by UN for
                                                     the benefits if the People of his country........

                               F.   Organizations / Armed Groups / Groups

                                            1.  If the Group Implementations are against the Human Rights
                                                      the United Nations will make sanctions and pursuance
                                                       against Liable or abusive Groups.......     



2.      Abuse Depends on the Rights of the Persons applicable to any violators and Abusers




A.     Private person or Individual

1.      Rights of Person under tactical Interrogations Ex.  Illegal Detentions made by private Person were not charged as human rights violation but in revised penal code as kidnapping.  Only Government Officials can be charge of Human Rights Violations under this rights like Police. 

2.       Right to life – the private person can be charged on human rights violation Abuse on right to life by making for example abuses of abortion and charged penalized murder in revised penal code also.

                        -   If the Person kill a police he can not be charged for human rights violations but charged as murder in revised penal code treated as common crimes.


3.       Right to Privacy  -  Any Individual can charged Human rights violations on Harassment on accusations at their Home and



B.     Government Officials

1.     Rights of Person under tactical Interrogations

         Ex. Illegal Detentions

                                              -  they can be charged of Human Rights Violations on abusing

                                                      authority and also depends on the location of detentions. 

                                                      And depend on criminal sanctions. They can be charged

                                                      also of kidnapping on not turn over the arrested suspects

                                                      or any person in any government detention in any

                                                      given time….. 


2.     Right to Life  They can be charged human rights violations

            for Abuses of extra judicial killings…..


3.     Right to Privacy  -  Any Individual can charged Human rights violations on Harassment on accusations at their Home and



C.     Employee


    1.   Rights of Person Under Tactical Interrogations

            Ex. Illegal Detentions 

The employee make illegal detentions in the office are can not  be charged of Human Rights violations only kidnapping depend on the case in investigations. These Rights can be violated by government officials only like Police. The Illegal Detention the employee can make is the illegal detentions under revised penal code sanctions only and can be charge of Kidnapping.

2.   Right to life  - The employee like doctors and maternal doctors can be charged of  Human Rights violation in the office for making abortions of patients in hospitals……

                             The employee make the abortions can be charged of

                                        murder on revised penal code….


                                3.  Right to Privacy  -  Any Individual can charged Human Rights violations
                                        on Harassment on accusations within the working area or


       D. Company

1.      Rights of Person under tactical Interrogations

Ex. Illegal detention  

The company can not be charged of Human Rights violation on illegal detentions of their employee it depends on the investigations and Kidnapping under Revised Penal Code is clear sanctions…….Only Government Officials can be charge of Kidnapping.

    2.        Right to life  - The hospital for example is the company they can be
               charged of Human Rights violations for abortion operations in the

     3.    Right to Privacy  -  Any Individual can charged Human rights violations on Harassment on accusations at the Company………

          E.  The Government

       1.      International Humanitarian Laws  – If the Government use weapon of mass destruction like nuclear they are violating Human Rights and must be sanctions under International law….

Example,  IRAQ Government under Saddam Hussein use the Chemical Weapon for mass destructions in the International community……

-         International Humanitarian Laws – The Government could violate International

                  Humanitarian Laws.

          F.  Armed Groups / Organizations  / Groups

                          1.  International Humanitarian Law -  The Rebel Groups can be

                                    charge of Human Rights Violations for violating IHL……


                  G.    Under Civil Code in Sections 2  -  Human Relations


Art. 32. Any public officer or employee, or any private individual, who directly or indirectly obstructs, defeats, violates or in any manner impedes or impairs any of the following rights and liberties of another person shall be liable to the latter for damages:

(1)  Freedom of religion;

(2)  Freedom of speech;

(3)  Freedom to write for the press or to maintain a periodical publication;

(4)  Freedom from arbitrary or illegal detention;

(5)  Freedom of suffrage;

(6)  The right against deprivation of property without due process of law;

(7)  The right to a just compensation when private property is taken for public use;

(8)  The right to the equal protection of the laws;

(9)  The right to be secure in one's person, house, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures;

(10)  The liberty of abode and of changing the same;

(11)  The privacy of communication and correspondence;

(12)  The right to become a member of associations or societies for purposes not contrary to law;

(13)  The right to take part in a peaceable assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances;

(14)  The right to be free from involuntary servitude in any form;

(15)  The right of the accused against excessive bail;

(16)  The right of the accused to be heard by himself and counsel, to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation against him, to have a speedy and public trial, to meet the witnesses face to face, and to have compulsory process to secure the attendance of witness in his behalf;

(17)  Freedom from being compelled to be a witness against one's self, or from being forced to confess guilt, or from being induced by a promise of immunity or reward to make such confession, except when the person confessing becomes a State witness;

(18)  Freedom from excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishment, unless the same is imposed or inflicted in accordance with a statute which has not been judicially declared unconstitutional; and

(19)  Freedom of access to the courts.

In any of the cases referred to in this article, whether or not the defendant's act or omission constitutes a criminal offense, the aggrieved party has a right to commence an entirely separate and distinct civil action for damages, and for other relief. Such civil action shall proceed independently of any criminal prosecution (if the latter be instituted), and mat be proved by a preponderance of evidence.

The indemnity shall include moral damages. Exemplary damages may also be adjudicated.

The responsibility herein set forth is not demandable from a judge unless his act or omission constitutes a violation of the Penal Code or other penal statute.